Carrot Top - Losing Your Props Lil Rel Howery - Milton on the Bongos - This 2 days ago   10:58

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Carrot Top’s act goes up in smoke after the comedy club that’s storing his props burns down. (Contains strong language.)

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Ish Bey
Crystol Bracey
these intros be weird ass fuck
Nicole A.
“I’m a black comic. Where are my people?!”
R. B. Rozier
What the fuck happened to CT?
Mitch g
Mad props to this guy! Not much of a crowd LOL...
Anna Ward
He got that Dane Cook under the knife look going on.
Sam Grig
Shirley Manson is not looking good in this video.
Mister Justice
Dude looks like he’s had a rough life.
Shahran Ali
Lion in wizard of Oz.
Idk why everyone thinks he does drugs smh
Rebecca Pollvogt
Anyone else about to look up old carrot top videos Cuz u literally forgot how he used to look, n be?
AZ Battle School
He’s actually very likable ! Respect ✊
Goddess Ahh
His Steve Harvey impersonation was terrible LOL
Eric Martindale
The advertisement on this one is hilarious.
Wow, He is solid. I like this side of him.
I just want to hear CarrotTop to yell.. just one time.. "THUNDERCATS! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
Dave Van Vlerah
Despite all the hate, I've always thought that CT was really funny. This was a nice, refreshing look at him though. He's always been almost a caricature of a person for me, but this really humanized him. I can see why he has so many celebrity friends now. Seems like a really awesome dude.
Josh Valle
I like how they perform in a titty dancer stage!
Liz Richardson
He has nice forearms
Mike Huggz
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Lil Rel Howery - Milton on the Bongos - This Carrot Top - Losing Your Props 2 days ago   08:47

Lil Rel Howery's father dresses up in his old 70s gang attire in an attempt to intimidate some tough guys hanging out by his car.

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