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anmol kaur
My little sister everyday watching your stories and enjoy a lot also learn the English
anmol kaur
Love all stories
Coşqun Teymurov
KeshaLovez Games
*Plot twist:*

They drew this whole video and animated it with an app.
نايف الشهراني
It’s amazing
Гюльтан Камранлы
It’s so sweet story. 🤗❤️
Abdallah Solomon
So Lovely story
Lizzes God sake
Albert: oh no! This is a magic pencil!!!
Alberts Feelings:Happy
Lizzes God sake
Who in the world are the voices
Bobocha Sharma
I'm coming to find out the pencil where he buried
Bobocha Sharma
I remember saka laka boom boom childhood memories
Justin Okpor
Love or hit or miss u call me Albert 😂😂😂
Deborah jennifer
I have found the pencil..
Who wants it am tired of using it😉😂😏
Fatou Faye
I’m 7
Sonam Shribastav
Ohh...this is saka laka boom boom pencil. ...hahahahhahahah
Daivi 2018
magic pencil in story very nice 😍
loan nguyen
Im 29 still watching these
Musli Olam
Lakana mi sa istori
Musli Olam
Gggg ta
Taliah Wanjiku
I'm 29 in 2019 still watching this cartoon
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The Flying Princess | English stories The Magic Pencil Story | Bedtime 1 day ago   13:35

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Olivia Orton lived with her ordinary parents in a house, in an ordinary town. Olivia went to a school and had a best friend called Sam.
With her messy brown hair, her pale brown eyes hidden behind thick glasses, and her drab clothes, Olivia looked quite ordinary too.
The other girls at school teased her for this, saying, “Ordinary Olivia! Don't you wish you could be like us, with our shiny blonde hair and big blue eyes? You are far too ordinary to be our friend!”
It wasn't just the girls that would tease poor Olivia... The boys were just as rude.
The boys would hide behind the school doors and trip Olivia up when she came walking down the corridor. They would pull her hair and steal her books, and there was one boy in particular who was especially mean.
His name was Callum, and he would hide behind the hedges as Olivia was walking home from school and throw small stones at her. Olivia's best friend Sam would use his school bag to try to block the stones and protect Olivia as much as possible, but he would often end up getting hit with them instead.
“Ordinary Olivia!” Callum would shout out. “You're so ordinary and boring!”
“Don't listen to them, Olivia,” Sam would say. “You're smart and funny and so much fun to be around. Don't let the bullies hurt you.”
Olivia would tighten her lips and keep quiet, continuing to walk home.
This carried on happening over the years, from primary school to middle school to high school.
It wasn't easy to ignore the bullies, but Olivia had a secret...
Olivia wasn't actually so ordinary after all!
Every night, once the clock struck midnight, Olivia's body would start to sparkle. She would sit up in her bed, and, in just a few seconds, she would completely transform. Gone was her ordinary brown hair, the messy tangles replaced with bouncing blonde curls. Gone were the thick glasses and brown eyes, and in their place were sparkling bright green eyes instead. Gone were the dull clothes, with Olivia being dressed in a sleek pink superwoman's outfit instead.
Olivia didn't just look like a superwoman, she actually had a few superpowers too...
Not only could she fly, but she had super-strong hearing and eyesight, and had the physical strength of twenty men.
Nobody else in the world knew about Olivia's secret, and, if she told anyone, her superpowers would disappear. This had been happening for years now, ever since the very first day that Olivia was bullied.
Ever since then, Olivia had been putting her superpowers to good use...
Every night, after her transformation, Olivia would stand at the edge of her bedroom window and take a big leap out. Rather than crashing into the bushes below, Olivia would push her body upwards and would go soaring through the sky.
She would make her way to the clock tower in the center of town, where she had the perfect view of everything going on in the town below.
Tonight, she could see a few seagulls pecking their way through the streets, fighting with each other whenever one of them found a particularly tasty morsel.
She could also see a few men walking home from the restaurants, laughing and joking with each other.

Olivia sat back and smiled.
“It looks as though tonight is going to be a calm and quiet night,” she said to herself.
It wasn't long before this all changed...
In the distance, Olivia could hear a woman shouting. The woman was very far away, but Olivia's super-strong hearing meant that she could hear every word.
“Leave me alone!” Cried the woman.
“Give me that bag!” A man's voice shouted. “Give it to me now or I'll kill you”
“Please,” begged the woman. “I'll be left with no food and no money if you take my bag.”
Olivia waited no more...
She looked in the direction of the voices she could hear, stretched her arms, and flew up into the clouds. She reached the sky above the voices in just two seconds, and she could hear the woman continuing to plead with the man.
Olivia looked down and could see the man reaching out to grab the bag. The woman was old, and couldn't hold on to the bag. Once the man had snatched the bag from her, he turned and started to run.
However, he had only taken three steps when something came shooting down at him from above.
It was Olivia!


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