Turkey tells China to close Fmr. AT&T CEO: China 2 days ago   01:43

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Turkish Foreign Ministry says it "expects Chinese authorities to consider Turkish people’s reaction over serious human rights violations."
#Uighur #ConcentrationCamps #China

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Tolga Kaya
Turkey did nothing to my uyghur brothers and sisters erdogan helps only those trash arabs but our uyghur brothers and sisters still getting murderd by china
Turkey tells China to close Uighur detention camps..
china replied :- zyada gand na phulao maa chod denge tumhari..
Labros Katsonis
Turkey should liberate east Turkesthan...insalahh!
Richard Fortier
In the eyes of China and US, Turkey is just a weak pity dog that don't know international power at all. China or US can destroy Turkey as long as they want, no matter economically or militarily. US took action to let the Turkish lira depreciate by 50% last year, at the end of day, poor Turkey have to beg US to stop. China is not as strong as US, but China also own power to depreciate lira over 30% while Turkey can do nothing to China.
Rk Thakur
Fuck ISIS it's 神風Terrorist 天皇陛下万歳 aka jap terror
lol, Turkey shouldn't be throwing stones at other people, when Turks themselves are living in a glass house!!
Control Population, Make two children law in India
Spport for china from india
prasad shetty
Now islamic republic of pakistan is muted about uighur Muslims issue😝😝😝
Bobby Lancer
People China is not dealing with bad terrorists and not Muslims, China have a 100 million Muslims population, and all lived well and peaceful, only some bad terrorists people have to be dealt with, same with all countries.
How about we exchange Kurds people living in Turkey with those uighur. Or just send uighur to Turkey for free
BrotherMohd Hanif
safe uyghur from chinese commie. chinese can go back to own your country. we dont want you in here malaysia.
Good job China 🇨🇳 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Powerful Panda
Why do I keep on getting this Turkish state media propaganda even though I mark it as not to show ? Like why does YouTube allow this ?
Free East Turkestan from Chinese invaders. Free Kashmir from Indian invaders.
Dedicator Liu
Turkey is just a joke for chinese common people.Your ancient was defeat by china 1500 years ago. loser is loser for ever.
Evil Chinese Dictator Xijinping
silla bear
wat about Turkey unprovoked genocides of Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians. Hypocrites
Turkey: Go close Uighur detention camps, China!
China: A bird tries to tell me something, interesting...
Viral Fans
Yeah perfect , China keep it up , Support from real Indian
Too young too naive! LOL, do not think too much about yourself sir!
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Fmr. AT&T CEO: China Turkey tells China to close 2 days ago   05:47

Leo Hindery, former AT&T Broadband CEO, discusses reports that President Trump plans to ban Chinese Telecommunications equipment from the United States due to the perceived security threat it poses to American infrastructure.

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