Turkey tells China to close China: The problem of growing anti-muslim 1 day ago   01:43

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Turkish Foreign Ministry says it "expects Chinese authorities to consider Turkish people’s reaction over serious human rights violations."
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Aşina Börteçine
I just took a dump in my china
thanks Turkey.shame saudi
Ankur Bansal
First stop prosecuting kurds
sana sama
Meanwhile the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (Gul Khan) says that he has no idea on what happens in Xinjiang. Shame on this so called muslim country. Only Erdogan has some guts to talk about this inhumane treat of fellow muslims.
Wajiha Ali
I am Pakistani supporting Turkey and East Turkestan
Srikanth Paniker
Not good enough. They have to do more. We need Erdogan to say it, that is if he has the Balls to face president Xi. He’s too scared of the Communists Chinese but not trump or the EU leaders.
Bei Wang
Why China cares such a weak country?
Salam Kala
I Love Turkey so so much May Allah make you the greatest I’m so proud I feel like a proud momma even though I’m not even Turkish 😂❤️🇹🇷
Edward Alric
lol, now watch how China slowly ruins you economically.
I am chinese.I fell shameful for the action of chinese government involving Muslim.
Noyan Ōzkan
Let my people go. Let my people be.
Assyah Seidi
Islam prevails above any other religion, the only and the true religion. ALLAH is waiting for you but mostly for ALL the believers in Him, because WE are the ones HE wants to see, you, HE won't even look at your disgusting faces, brothers of the devil.
Tolga Kaya
Turkey did nothing to my uyghur brothers and sisters erdogan helps only those trash arabs but our uyghur brothers and sisters still getting murderd by china
Thakur Aryan singh
Turkey tells China to close Uighur detention camps..
china replied :- zyada gand na phulao maa chod denge tumhari..
Labros Katsonis
Turkey should liberate east Turkesthan...insalahh!
Richard Fortier
In the eyes of China and US, Turkey is just a weak pity dog that don't know international power at all. China or US can destroy Turkey as long as they want, no matter economically or militarily. US took action to let the Turkish lira depreciate by 50% last year, at the end of day, poor Turkey have to beg US to stop. China is not as strong as US, but China also own power to depreciate lira over 30% while Turkey can do nothing to China.
Rk Thakur
Control Population, Make two children law in India
Spport for china from india
prasad shetty
Now islamic republic of pakistan is muted about uighur Muslims issue😝😝😝
Овогнь Дөлгөөн
How about we exchange Kurds people living in Turkey with those uighur. Or just send uighur to Turkey for free
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China: The problem of growing anti-muslim Turkey tells China to close 1 day ago   07:51

Muslim minority groups in China are coming under growing pressure by Chinese authorities. From alleged re-education camps in western Xinjiang to toughter controls on mosques, Beijing says it's simply trying to rein in extremism. But Islamophobia in China is finding more subtle outlets too.
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