How to Download Windows 10 from Microsoft How to Install Windows 10 From USB Flash 1 day ago   04:46

In this video see how to download Windows 10 for free directly from Microsoft using Windows 8.1 OS. Windows 10 operating system is completely free to download and install onto your existing Windows desktop, laptop, tablet or phone right now from Microsoft Corporation. No need for a product key if you are upgrading your existing system.

In my Windows 10 download tutorial you will see how to use the new Microsoft Media Creation Tool for 64 bit or 32 bit Windows, that creates USB bootable flash, ISO or Burns DVD media. You can perform a Windows 10 upgrade or Windows 10 clean install for free. Windows 10 download is Genuine Windows 10 operating system and is completely available right now for those customers who have genuine Windows 7 sp1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. You will also see how to download Windows 10 iso so you can install this on another computer or do a Windows 10 clean install.

Get Windows 10 download from Microsoft at these links: or a secure link:

Note: Just thought this was good information for people to know:
You should always have your existing Windows product key handy just in case you ever need it. Microsoft is doing something entirely different with Windows 10. It's called a hardware hash that is sent to Microsoft servers & than a certificate is created to validate your systems activation status. Be sure to Upgrade your existing Windows 7sp1 and 8.1 systems to Windows 10 first before doing a clean install.

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mujeeb rehman
What About if your C Drive have no space .....?
Does everything else on your computer stay the same? Do you lose any data or files? Thank you:=)
sukhbat bymbajav
thank you :)
shailesh shah
Every time I reach on to a "getting update" checking updates goes upto 46% & it stays for for ever.It never goes beyond 46%. I have tried several times. What should i do now? I have dell desktop windows 8.1
i wonder if this can work my intel celeron
Jason Lim
u r wonderful. thanx
Bro is that permanent or no?
hong lan le
Thanks for teaching download windows 10
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U didn't show till end
informative world
w=is window 10 me xbox tool ho ga
didnt test yet but i will on my favourite ACER laptop thats a windows 7. if this is real then im just like gonna die and reveive myself. im really excited
Nawaj Kumar
setup box is showing in white colour why
Amartya Shukla
After downloading it.. I got some folders and files instead of one setup file.. So what it means? Reply!
Windows 10
My setup is easy
Tony Thiburcy
How many GB can take for a download
it's windows 10 home :D
Rick Navarro
thanks man
zeena kp
how many gb it has
Is doing this on a flash drive free?
Live Life Freely
I was trying to download windows 10 but when I got to the system info I realized my computer already has it, nice!
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How to Install Windows 10 From USB Flash How to Download Windows 10 from Microsoft 1 day ago   14:36

This Video Shows You A Complete Step By Step Tutorial On, How to Format Your PC And Clean Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive (Pendrive).

This video will walk you through almost all the steps in a Windows Installation. Such as formatting, Disk partition, Create Windows 10 Installation Media using USB Flash Drive, and as a whole Windows Installation process itself, in a packed and detailed way. Thank you.

Main Steps or Phases Showed In This Video are The Given Below :

# 1, Download Windows 10

# 2, Create installation media.

# 3, Choose the boot device in Bios

# 4, Install Windows 10 by formatting your PC

Links Mentioned In The Video!

# 1, Windows Media Creation Tool: (For Windows 10)

# 2, Rufus: (USB DVD TOOL) | Create Bootable USB drives easily.

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