Simpsons Movie Decoded! 1-18-2019? The Simpsons FEMA Warning 2 days ago   29:58

This video shows Brunos research into the Simpsons Movie! He is from Poland and claims that on January 18 2019, something huge is going to happen!

I do not know if anything will happen on the above date! I am sharing this video with you because I found Brunos research very interesting, and I thought my viewers would enjoy hearing it also.

*I do not know if Brunos research is correct, I do not know if anything will happen on the above date! I am still prepping, and I plan to prep for the rest of my life. I am not scared because I am prepared!

*** I am not a doctor! Do not ingest turpentine! Go see a doctor if you think, that you are infected with parasites! ***

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snifferdogg forfreedom
U tube sucks they don't and won't let me know when your going on or notification ... are shut off.
Justin Hubley
What if the numbers are coordinates?
Dawn Carrasco
🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I believe they use shows and movies to do their evil work .
Danny Boy
YaHUaHs Child
March 3rd,,,,, still here,, lol
CODE red
Guys there is a parasite situation going in Pakistan right now propel are getting infected in Pakistan with a worm or parasite they die in 3 days doc have no diagnose what it is or how to treat it in time ,u can also Google the case . It has happen to close relatives they died 5 days and also a couple of other people we know died as well ,how this is happening while we are Muslim n we do wuhdu which is a part of our prayer so this parasite enter through you nose while u clean it with water that's how it gets inside n goes to it brain n u probably die in 3 days that's the info. I know till now . The terpentine I'm gonna suggest to people and ask doc if it helps anyone . I've there with diluted terpentine may be.
Sry about the English
Well Bruno did not get it right nothing happened
Greg Newsome
Keep up the integrity, good son.
Nigel Jinks
He talks pants
Sunset Vest
Im open minded to some kind of catastrophe however, people predicting dates and times is bullshit there's about a million you tube videos dating back years saying the same thing He's saying and nothing has happened.
kevin hughes
Please get help or at least find yourself a normal hobby. It's really cringy and embarrassing
Karl Norman
Anything happens ill eat my own shit and let you watch!
Van G
There is an Ebola outbreak. That could've been the attack. Have you noticed what they look like? They look like parasites. What if turpentine is the cure? Just a thought.
Joanne Burns
A sunami, yes the swamp is getting drained...Thankyou Trump...
Joanne Burns
The elites will be getting brought to justice...thts wot is going to happens....
lps cupcake
....and these dates keep was the 15th of February...which has passed and no blackout out
lps cupcake
We're probably already chipped anyway by military when we got all them damn shots.
Susan Fuego
Ok I’m done we’re getting nowhere here two people constantly talking at once, Jon’s like a little adhd kid sheesh . Bye
Susan Fuego
Jon plz shut up and let the guy talk this is so frustratingggggggg dang man let him talk your pissing me off.
Rose Tanner
It is true that many times we see things in movies that eventually come true. But thankfully I dont think there is anything to worry about in regard to the Simpson cartoon decided. It's already almost the end of February....something is definitely on the horizon but for now we are ok. We can't keep jumping the gun and panicking. That's what "they" want; mass hysteria! Like the bible says no man knows the day or the will happen when we least expect it. So yes we need to prepare, we need to start gathering supplies etc. Another thing that we need to also prepare for is being raised by the Gov. Or FEMA or the army etc...they will come and they will take your supplies and your guns etc...and if you dont comply they will not hesitate to shoot you I'm going to build a fake wall and ceiling to hide things in. Plus when shtf the windows and doors will be covered with thick wood and then reinforced with metal bars. Were going to collect metal bed frames which will work really good. Then no one comes in and no one goes out. And the crisco candles are also a great idea...but we can't become paranoid in the meantime....but at the same time we must keep our eyes open and watch for signs...keep up the good work!
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The Simpsons FEMA Warning Simpsons Movie Decoded! 1-18-2019? 2 days ago   08:12

In This Episode from The Simpsons Aired back on (May 16th, 2004)

An accidental photo showing Bart "mooning" the American flag makes the Simpsons the most hated family in town.

I Strongly Recommend to Watch this Entire Episode.

Homer and Marge take the children to get their shots. However, the shot makes Bart's earholes to swell shut, making him temporarily deaf ( Vaccines autism connection? ).

While at church, Lisa speaks her opinion about patriotism, and the Simpsons are taken into custody, in violation of the "Government Knows Best Act". (Patriot Act & Domestic Terrorists) Clearly exposing The Mass Surveillance and citizens targeted for freedom of speech or any strong beliefs that labels you as a threat to the nation (FOR EXAMPLE A BUMPER STICKER SUPPORTING RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT)

The family are taken to the "Ronald Reagan Re-education Center", which houses Michael Moore, the Dixie Chicks, Elmo (who accidentally went to the wrong fundraiser), and Bill Clinton.
(Re-Education Camps/Relocation Camps/FEMA Camps)

Here is The link to Watch the Full Episode S15 Ep21
(Please Share Your Opinion on The Episode)

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