Jack Grealish punched from Players Vs Referees: Crazy Moments 1 day ago   01:16

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A pitch invader ran onto the pitch and punched Aston Villa's Jack Grealish during the derby game at Birmingham.

The incident occurred in the 10th minute of Sunday's Sky Bet Championship match at St Andrew's, with Grealish running away with his back to the assailant.

The man has subsequently been arrested.

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Comments 8363 Comments

A good old punch in the head
Haidur Shah
Much respect to Jack for staying cool all the way 👌🏻
Pat Tanackered
To the Birmingham fans who boo'd well done. To the ones who cheered you really are scum
Why did his team mates not smash his head in the pussies
Conor Ben
A leeds fan approves
Hope that guy gets beaten up. Any other country he would not of left the pitch still cheering
Andrew Norton
Grealish did well to keep 🆒
The Shred Clan
Stupid fan
oh yeah yeah
Peaky Blinder wannabe
TeenyCash 85855
Like=Aston Villa

Ace Laws
Anyone else come here after watching the villa vs Leeds drama?
More replays than a UFC knockout 😂
Just watch what happens if you do that in Romania!
cameron emery
Football gone soft, wouldnt last 10 minutes in my local
Farhan Marco
'This is disgraceful'

Saying it's disgraceful is an understatement.
Flame Lad
Chris Hicks
Gotta be a Leeds fan lol 😂😂😂
mike g
brits are sub human
Cameron Stephan
Should be given a lifetime Bolton season ticket as punishment
gaming channel and swidon games fortnite fortnite
Respect to Brigham even though there playing each other well done Brigham city players went to see if jack was ok
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Players Vs Referees: Crazy Moments Jack Grealish punched from 1 day ago   05:22

Title: Players Vs Referees: Crazy Moments
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