Jack Grealish punched from Football Players Angry After 2 days ago   01:16

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A pitch invader ran onto the pitch and punched Aston Villa's Jack Grealish during the derby game at Birmingham.

The incident occurred in the 10th minute of Sunday's Sky Bet Championship match at St Andrew's, with Grealish running away with his back to the assailant.

The man has subsequently been arrested.

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Daniel Wilkins
I'd banish him up to Scotland and give him a season ticket for a third division club up there.
Real Madrid
How to ruin your life in 10 seconds
brodaim wittes
That's jokes
Mário Botelho
I don't like his hair either.
I’m a D
Good enough for that eejit
I’m a D
What a disgrace.. And so we're the fans who cheered.
Jacob Savage
I know the lad who done it lol
He left the field like a hero!
partizano della verita
By order of the peaky blinders
Emma Mcgorrin
Cos your too sexy beautiful and everybody wants a taste thats why... i floored jack grealish
Mason Taylor
At least jack had the last laugh😂
helen jane xo
It’s only Tommy Shelby protecting his team.
hollow buddah
Bollocks to Brexit. Kids in suits without happy meals
youtube user 2019
Dirty honkys go back to your Country
Xenon Xrk
Josh Santiago
I dont watch soccer but that dude is my hero
Jblb 2231
What a idiot
Vector Smart
Well Neymar would have died if it was him instead of jack, security isn't doing their job.
That guy = absolute ****er
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Football Players Angry After Jack Grealish punched from 2 days ago   04:35

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