Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Is the MacBook Pro 2018 REALLY Bad? 1 day ago   07:24

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After many years using MacBook variants I've made the switch to Windows. I've used every version of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that have been released. My current laptop of choice is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon / Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme.Turns out switching from Mac to Windows isn't as painful as I expected.

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Are you using Mac or Windows?
Aniket Pande
Lenovo genuinely has really good keyboards
Rossman was right.
Why no one talk about hp prime or ti nspire. They are the best computers around with full 3d capabilitys!
بالضبط ، أقسم بالله شريت أغلى الأجهزة بالسوق اسوس ثم ماك برو ثم رحت لأتش بي ٣٦٠ الجميل .. خلال سنة وشوي بس .. لكن ما قدرت استحملهم !! حرفياً ما قدرت دايم ارجع واكتب واستخدم جوالي ، لين طاحت عيوني على X1 Carbon نبض قلبي يوم اول مرة لمست الكيبورد حقه بعد استخدام يومين بس عرفت أني وجدت ضالتي !
Luciano Nahuel Salomon
I did not believe it...
Daryl Villaescusa
You forgot to mention not having to carry a dongle
2 years ago, i already know that i'm getting a gaming laptop.
The new MBPs are complete junk. It wouldn't be like that if the keyboard worked and they had options other than just USB-C.
Their planned obsolescence is very obvious on both this and their iphones and ipads.
Why would any company go AWAY from a keyboard that so many people considered the best laptop keyboard after IBM and give us absolute crap that doesn't even last past the warranty. That's what they were supposed to do...last past the warranty and then Apple has a steady income stream from replacing them.
So the update Apple came out with earlier this week will this time last 3 years and then you're screwed.
Eduardo Real
Apple's thinking of having a thin notebook has backfired. These are not iphones. These are notebooks people will use for work. Function should take precedence instead of aesthetics. BAD APPLE.
mahdi rafatjah
Microsoft themselves could not compliment windows more
I am so finished with Apple. I purchased the Lenovo and I love it after 6 years with Macbook pro. I set up my home recording studio with all PC equipment and it is running great. Apple is over priced and greedy. I'm over apple.
I just like windows because it has a bigger game selection
Tarik Duratbegović
So much crap on this video...
Sanjay Khosh
Windows user for Life: who the hell is Mac?
Hyderabadi vloger Harsh
To most ppl like myself, it's about the simplicity of Apple products: I take a photo on my iphone, its already in my mac. I text on my phone, and i finish it on my mac. I forget my phone in my room, no problem, i can call using my mac. I need to copy my notes from macbook to my phone, no problem, take a screenshot on my mac and its on my phone within seconds... I need to buy something through apple pay, no problem, i can do that on my mac. I like a song in my phone, ohh look it's now in my mac. etc.. Apple has made things sooooo convenient... its amazing.
Shaun Vattakuzhiyil
Lew, the new macbook Pros have 4th generation butterfly keyboards and a 9th generation i9 processer switch back
Apple just announced their fixing the macbook keyboards. New line up and the existing macbooks. I guess its official that this channel will make 4 new video about it.
Daniel p
Windows for life
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Is the MacBook Pro 2018 REALLY Bad? Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple 1 day ago   12:10

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