this happens when two RECON so i tried out For a GIRLS ONLY CLAN 1 day ago   12:58

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❤️thanks For all the support love y’all Smash That Like And subscribe❤️
xd Lazer Bot
I hate to break it to you but this vid is fake look at 0:28 the squads says wont fill which means they wont get randoms and then it cuts to a loading screen
So Sad
Faze Isaac
Carlitioes I’m not trying to be rude though I bet you plan the videos and bet them to do it
SomeTryHardBotXD _
“Wont fill mixed inputs”
Fake u have the crown above ur name what means u are in a party 😂😂
Aiden BBB
Here’s what happens when people fake videos for views. LOSER
40 miles
In the beginning it says won’t fill
Alex Anguiano
U but no fill
Mahmoud syr
Bro your lair You pressed not filled 😂😂
Swwaggi .
Taquitous jeje que mamada
Mateo Cerrillo
this videos are more fake than mcdonalds food
Mr.Joker FN
Literally says won’t fill mixed inputs
Jaxson Mongold
It's 2019 and still making clickbate videos
Bethie Jules
Your the best
John Carlo Loyola
Yahir Armendariz
Ya buddy it said no fill lied to ur subscribers
Tiffany Roberts
That's Cheesy when he switched up
isaiah priest
this is fake sorry bro
isaiah priest
when the game finished it said in chat that tacitoes left the party
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so i tried out For a GIRLS ONLY CLAN this happens when two RECON 1 day ago   11:42

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