The Continued Rise of Renewable Energy Renewable Energy 101 1 day ago   05:19

John McCann (MBA ’08), Managing Director in the Global Power & Utilities Group at Barclays Investment Bank, discusses current trends in renewables and their growing importance in the energy sector.

Peter Wilson (Class of 2018) is the president of the Darden Capital Management (DCM). DCM is a student-led club that manages over $15 million of the school’s endowment and is focused on promoting the interest and experience of its members in the investment management industry.

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Iain Reid
Renewables seem to be great for investors and owners but they are still poor at generating reliable electricity as and when demand requires. They keep claiming how much cheaper they are getting but the consumer pays for all the subsidies, infrastructure and the running back up generating plant that is essential to keep the system secure. So the owners and share holders of wind farms get good returns and the consumer gets higher cost electricity.
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Renewable Energy 101 The Continued Rise of Renewable Energy 1 day ago   01:32

Energy sources that are not depleted when used or are naturally replenished within a human lifetime.

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