The Continued Rise of Renewable Energy Tony Seba: Clean Disruption 1 day ago   05:19

John McCann (MBA ’08), Managing Director in the Global Power & Utilities Group at Barclays Investment Bank, discusses current trends in renewables and their growing importance in the energy sector.

Peter Wilson (Class of 2018) is the president of the Darden Capital Management (DCM). DCM is a student-led club that manages over $15 million of the school’s endowment and is focused on promoting the interest and experience of its members in the investment management industry.

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Iain Reid
Renewables seem to be great for investors and owners but they are still poor at generating reliable electricity as and when demand requires. They keep claiming how much cheaper they are getting but the consumer pays for all the subsidies, infrastructure and the running back up generating plant that is essential to keep the system secure. So the owners and share holders of wind farms get good returns and the consumer gets higher cost electricity.
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Tony Seba: Clean Disruption The Continued Rise of Renewable Energy 1 day ago   1:03:34

Stanford University futurist Tony Seba spent the last decades studying technological disruptions. He argues that the Electric Vehicle, battery storage, and solar power, along with autonomous vehicles, are a perfect example of a 10x exponential process which will wipe fossil fuels off the market in about a decade. –

He is the author of several books, including most recently “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation: How Silicon Valley Will Make Oil, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Coal, Electric Utilities and Conventional Cars Obsolete by 2030”, and “Solar Trillions: 7 Market and Investment Opportunities in the Emerging Clean-Energy Economy”

Tony Seba spoke in Boulder, Colorado, where he was awarded the 2017 Sunshine Award by Clean Energy Action (

Filmed and edited pro bono by Martin Voelker with the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (

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