Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Entitled Exchange between Rep. Alexandria 2 days ago   09:02

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AOC chimes in about the college entrance exam scandal. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compared the college admissions process to that of politics in light of the latest university scandal involving actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and several others. Huffman and Loughlin were among 40 individuals implicated in “Operation Varsity Blues,” an indictment spawned by parents paying millions in bribe money to help their children get access into some of the country’s most elite universities.

Ocasio-Cortez shared her take on the scandal on Tuesday and suggested parents' using their wealth to secure their children’s college spot was similar to that of politicians running for office.

“I guess college admissions isn’t that different from elections, where lots of money can buy your spot too,” the New York Representative wrote. “Also an enviro where those who make it despite the odds are suspected to not have ‘earned’ it, not truly belong, or assumed to not be able to perform at the same level.”

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william wells
Education reform: Reeducation camps -- to learn first how to live before
getting a living,
It's only a matter of time before Occasional Cortex becomes one of those "entitled rich people." Of course she will continue to berate OTHER entitled rich people. Just as Bernie Sanders does. Heck, he's even one of the 1%. Supposedly the worst of the worst as the far Left considers them.
Tim Borch
Estonia just elected its first Nationalist Populist government.
Sergio Marcial
Dr Dre donated 70 million to USC and claims his daughter got in on her own I might be wrong but who knows.
Jason Ross
Sometimes I'm not sure what's worse: this, or schools giving athletes passing grades that they didn't earn just because they're on the football team. You get that a lot of that here in Texas. Somebody needs to drill it into the admininistrator's heads that the purpose of a school is give people an education, not to be a jock farm!
Gordon Adams
AOC is a mover and shaker. Just her name shake's up the corporate trolls enough to move them out of their armchairs.
All education must be socialized nationalized
no private colleges or universities anymore btw they’re all subsidized
AOC will be president and we all will be much better off.
Ice Adonis
Legacy, athlete, bribe admissions is standard procedure for colleges. Regular people should stop obsessing over top colleges, all are rigged! Top companies are rigged too, won't even look at your resume unless you attended a top college.
I'm ambivalent with that issue, rich people 'bribe' school for kids... is okay if they subsidize even more kids to go, does the university receiving those heirs also get more student at lower (or free) tuition ?
Pollyanna Ocasio-Cortez couldn't slam a door if she tried - plus, she herself is one of those same entitled rich liberals. Way to go on making both yourself and the Dumbass Report look foolish with yet another fanboying Pollyanna story, Iadarola.
Tim Borch
Progressivism takes away inalienable rights
Drake Koefoed
miss piggy thinks everything is about her
thank you so much for talking about this
OwlNation Legal
At 2M grads per year and a budget of $10K per we arrive at an easy $20B and easily provide free college for everyone and a profit for the college. I developed systems for the University of Phoenix and Wadsworth Thomson/Learning, and the truth is 4 years and 50 credits per year could be accomplished for $500 to $1,000 per student, not $10,000. It just takes structuring curriculum to enhance e-learning and utilize on-campus mentoring labs and testing. I did a lot of mentoring in college. It's fun and living in lab helps ensure your grades stay up. If we did that the price drops to just one or two billion per year for free college for all. Its a drop in the bucket compared to the benefits to students and society. In fact if we had just a few more College Grads per year Trump never would have won. What's that $2 billion worth to you now?
Mike B
AOC poll #'s! 30's lol She is a hated Socialist #superdumbfuck. Like I said she has to much love for Mudero type Dictator asswipes.
McCain is using the word "legacy" in a different context than the conversation she's supposedly a part of. She's using the word in the sense of the concept of a family's legacy in general, as opposed to the legacy admissions system that the conversation is clearly about. She's either dumb, not paying attention at all, or intentionally trying to muddy the conversation. I vote all three.
J Potter
Silly man ... money IS merit!
David Schlessinger
there is 2 things there- Naval academy, which is serving your country. However, Meghan and John McCain both come from enormous wealth and privilege- John McCain was born into enormous wealth, and he was part of the "officer class" in Vietnam, the priviliged elites who were often despised by the common soldier. Remember McCain's "i can't rememeber how many houses I own" comment
WHAT? You mean to *actually* stimulate the economy? How radical you are! What a crazy idea!😕😕😕🙄🙄
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Exchange between Rep. Alexandria Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Entitled 2 days ago   05:20

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