The World This Week - Trump's Shutdown Pain: Government Shutdown 1 day ago   41:34

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From the U.S. government shutdown to France's Yellow Vest crowdfunding controversy and more, it's all in Friday's show with François Picard and his panel of Paris-based correspondents.

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Rovert Seivad
The Europeans should run the world. They always have more insightful answers. Perhaps the Chinees should be also considered. Primitive and war like countries like the USA should allow themselves t he had not given o be isolated as Trump is doing anyway. However some eastern European countries are also not ready for having a say in government. I was there in Portugal when its bloodless revolution occured and when Cataeno was asked why he had not given the vote to his people, his answer was, "how could I have done so when one was in charge of a largely uneducated population'.
Alea iacta est
Quite amusing to hear Mr Dickey discretit the yellow vest saying its not a huge social movement because there are not millions and millions in the street...if we get that its already too late!
Teo Cjan
Italy sounds like wanting weaker French economy.

If the polls started with yes or no questions:

do u support peaceful marches,

Do you support violent demonstrations

Do you support violence in Paris

Would you join yellow vest
And then,
How would you grade your support to yellow west
from 1 to 10
Adam Youssef
France 24 is funded in whole or in part by the French government
Bob Mitchell
Hmm. Your Yellow Vests protests coverage is pretty thin on the ground...under orders from Macron? Shame. 👎👎👎🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
The American is an completely establishment hack.
Seemed biassed
Just another PROPAGHANDA outlet...France 24 = CNN
Pasquino Marforio
F*king leftist Daily Beast. F*king globalist Bloomberg News. If France wanted the pulse of America they would have a Breitbart Reporter on for American News.
Pasquino Marforio
There are currently 31 ongoing United States National Emergeincies. The fairest reading of the text of the National Emergency Act is simple. The president has plenary authority to declare a national emergency under 50 USC § 1621. If Congress disagrees, it can pass a joint resolution terminating the emergency, as per 50 USC § 1622.
Pasquino Marforio
"That base is narrow." 55%. Working Class America. The Chamber of Commerce Republicans are scared of them. The Democrats have lost them. This is a battle that will break the unspoken agreement between Chamber of Commerce Republicans that want cheap illegal labor, and Democrats that want more minority votes.
Pasquino Marforio
President Trump is right because the open border policies are responsible for the permanent separation of thousands of U.S. citizens' families whose loved ones were killed and taken from them forever through illegal immigrant crime and open borders.
Pasquino Marforio
Trump will hold out for wall funding until Congress agrees, or until 1/3 of the GOP caucus defects, making a veto override a possibility. At that point he will declare a national emergency and build the wall. "Moderate" Republicans tempted to defect should consider the precedent. This outs you and you will not be re-elected.
Pasquino Marforio
23% of U.S. Federal inmates are illegal immigrants. Border arrests are up 240%. In the Great State of Texas, between 2011 & 2018, there were a total of 292,000 crimes by illegal aliens, 539 murders, 32,000 assaults, 3,426 sexual assaults and 3000 weapons charges.
Pasquino Marforio
F*king leftist Daily Beast, F*king globalist Bloomberg News. If France wanted the pulse of America they would have a Breitbart Reporter on for American News.
مشاعل الحربي
You, the white eyes, have been told that you love the bodies, this is not the love there are many women
L Dominguez
There is a crisis at the border...come to Tijuana I'll show the beast the crisis!
Eszter Szabo
Very weak analyses on US situation. Sorry.
Conan Cimmerian
"Trump's Shutdown"
NO bias here no siree.
Kristian Mandrup
NWO apologists! Fake News. We want our national identity and borders back. Globalism is a disaster. Get with the program!
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Shutdown Pain: Government Shutdown The World This Week - Trump's 1 day ago   04:11

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is hoping to find roughly $15 million to renew 170 contracts with private building owners who rent to poor Americans.

HUD is hoping to use existing funds to renew the contracts, which expired prior to last month's partial government shutdown.

The shutdown has prevented the agency from renewing about 1,150 other contracts that expired in December and January.Read more

Adrianne Todman, CEO of the National Organization of Housing and Redevelopment Officials spoke with Roland Martin on Friday about the pain the government shutdown is causing people all over the country.
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