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China is a goldmine for American brands, with companies like Starbucks, Gillette, and Nike easily outstripping all competitors in their sectors. As Chinese trade leaders meet with US representatives, many are wondering who has the upper hand.

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Totally rubbish!
total BS. US product is status symbol like 20 years ago. Today, no. Do your homework and research , will you?
Jian Chen
记者好扯啊。中国人对美国货根本没有特殊偏好,更谈不上什么status symbol.

Jim Wong
Only the close cooperation between USA and China can save the world economy!
Tdufivho Hfjgvihoho
When will the chinese ever be proud of their own products?
US hopes that China will always produce lighters and socks. But we Chinese also want to build big planes and make chips.
We Chinese people want to live like Americans. We like the American , American is our best teacher.
This segment sounds like it was made for Trump. I'm sure he'll be watching this short segment when FOX News is on commercial break. lol
Kevin Bhasi
1:14 TIL there's Tesla in China with both Tesla and standard EV charging ports
John É
We don't need China's products. Is low quality.
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