Matt Boling 44.74 4x4 Comeback!!! Carl Lewis: The Master Finisher 2 days ago   03:49

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Just when you thought you had Matt Boling beat...he does this.


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Matthew boling that cool ass nigga that can outrun his black friends
Emma VanHook
This gave me chills😁😁😁😁
Perry Arrington
Within 3 to 5 years this young man will break every record in the sprints....he is a freak of nature....look out Bolt, your legend is in danger of becoming 2nd best
Kevin Dorival
Very impressive race. Never quit!!
D Schoenfeld
Amazing and talk about leaving it all on the track! Historical high school race!
From the depths of hell!
*Beat the worthless black boy. Good job Matt Boling! Very proud of you.*
This dude is a star
WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVOLVING!!! *bwhahaa evil laugh*
Myron Williams
I would pay to watch him and latwan Anderson from Grenville race (use to run for glenville)
2:50 glitching..
Mohammad Tharik K
Incredible! Still unable to believe I just made $1327 with this fantastic website here
great run
eric bosire
Georgia is not the place for him.
Shayne Brock
Dose he have shoes on
Don Adams
“Boling is coming”
Doja D
But he’s white ?
Chris Contact
He probably is not on steroids yet. The pros and olympians are so much faster it is rediculious. I dont know how long it would take him to train on steroids and as a pro or pro college athlete to get to that level. Hopefully he does not get jaded seeing what goes on while wanting a level field to race against.
Sambo Kitty
skip to 2.25 where the good part begins
Dangerous Johnny O'donnell
Kudos to Matt.
And to the minority of commentators who use Matt to promote your loser ideology of white nationalism, go away. What you are doing is obscene - and harmful to Matt, to the sport of Track and Force , and to our society.
White nationalists - if you really want to emulate Matt, then drop the hatred and work hard to achieve something great with the talents God gave you.
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Carl Lewis: The Master Finisher Matt Boling 44.74 4x4 Comeback!!! 2 days ago   03:43

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LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to watch full BBC programmes online now 👉 In front of a packed Los Angeles Coliseum Carl Lewis won the 1984 100m final with a sprint of beautiful efficiency. In this race Lewis appeared to defy the laws of sprinting. Especially the one that states that as you reach the line you slow down. Watch Lewis as he reaches the finishing line - he seems to be speeding up.

More clips from this programme are available on the Faster, Higher, Stronger website:


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