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Former advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump Steve Bannon and British right-wing founder of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute have transformed the medieval Trisulti monastery into an academy for nationalist and identitarian populism. Are they lookng to find a right-wing answer to George Soros' Open Society Foundation by emulating it?
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A very biased and hostile report.
Jaak Savat
Nothing new under the sun just a different time, different scapegoats but the same language, message of the past....hate
Funny that words like ultra, far, extreme are always associated with the political right. If you view the world from an egocentric leftist viewpoint, everything on the right is extreme.
You said they are “far right” and that people don’t want them and their ideas are (basically) extreme, but you never said what those ideas are and they never referred to themselves as rightwing.
I am Sancho
Pope Francis is a globalist puppet. Nationalism is the only way forward, religious or not.
Jesuit's secret agent, Bannon, now is machinating
A. G. T.
These Europeans protesting this, are the ones that haven't felt the enriching effect of mass unchecked migration up close and personal. These people are also called Hypocrites! Good job Steve, at least some folks refuse to go quiet into that good night!
Funny alliances. .A Catholic institute led from an NGO (Dignitatis Humanae Institute ) controlled by the Royal Crown of England......that pretends to support a nationalist sovereignty movement. LOL I must confess, Steve, your nationalism has some very dodgy backers, from the financial globalist world of the likes of Robert Mercer to the Royal Crown of England and, let's not forget, your known ties to the Government of Israel. Oh boy...It looks sketchy, to say the least
Gordon Adams
How is this bottom feeder even considered legitimate, given his background? Shame on DW.
Jacob Curtis
“Politics is downstream from culture.” -- Andrew Breitbart
Autumn Anderson
Hey don’t believe anything Bannon says. He is spreading hate and racism. He was ran out of US for being crazy. He looks like he is still on his drunken path. Don’t believe in anything Tramps says. He is a con man. Really get him out of there. He is evil.
Globo_Homo_ Beto
Thank you Steve Bannon!
Jorge Gomez
tiramisu monastery. looks fine to me to save western civilization.
Hello Hello
Thank God for Steve Bannon!
Great Dane
God job Steve! M.E.G.A
Thatguy111 Smith
He is trying to turn the Catholics into subservient, brainwashed, blindly supporting Israel, Evangelicals.🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
H Soko
Steve is up to something Evil! Watch out for him! He is trying to take down the Catholic Church among other things! Get Right Wing Dictators elected in Europe!
Bella Bianca
Stay out of my native country you drunken Ahole
P Sam
The ultimate crusaders!
royal dsouza
Why liberal hate Catholic Church?
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America Fights Back: Our Economic Italy: Steve Bannon's populist 1 day ago   1:41:49

Consistent with its 70 years of commitment to nonpartisan discourse, the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia presented Steve Bannon, who addressed “America Fights Back: Our Economic War with China” and gave the audience, whether supporters or opponents, a unique opportunity for a personal experience of this public figure.

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