AVENGERS: ENDGAME - Official TRAILER Avengers Endgame - Trailer 2 Reaction/Review/rating 2 days ago   11:56

The Reel Rejects
More reveals, more epic-ness, this is AWESOME! Here's our REACTION to TRAILER #2 for Marvel's AVENGERS: ENDGAME!!!
#Avengers4 #AvengersEndgame #MCU

TRAILER BREAKDOWN: https://ufl.ae/videow/aUETTSl4hM4

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The Reel Rejects
TRAILER #2 BREAKDOWN & THEORIES VID: https://ufl.ae/videow/aUETTSl4hM4
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the Nova Scotia angler
If cap dies without finally saying avengers assemble its gonna be such a missed channce..
The Dark Knight
These guys are exactly the guys rlm used to make fun of in the nerd podcast series. This is so same I can't believe and that series ended in 2017
Trailer so fire dis mf got a damn oven mit
Bishop M
Anyone else notice how each of the avengers heads in the airport scene seems digitally put on .... plz check again nebula and tony starks necks
Giovannah Carbajal
I can’t believe they are making this new movie Called Avengers Endgame will be in Theaters April 26 Friday I voted for Captain America you can do this Avengers Endgame
Zahiry Dan
Laron Williams
You know Captain America is going to die, in the comics the Winter Soldier takes Caps place, I don’t want to see Chris Evans go just yet.....bout to cry JK!
Laron Williams
I think they get into a fight with Captain Marvel when she sneaks up on them while trying to figure out the pager Nick Fury had cause in the other trailer you see Ant-man and War Machines Helmer’s go on and in this trailer you see Ant-man jump over the pencil and things in a office burning around him! That didn’t happen on a different planet! Who thinks the same?
quintin-jr grant
Moon Dog
Anyone else notice Nebula is in that final line up twice? Beside Scott and after Tony.
Jackie Cortez
The kid from Iron Man 3 is on the cast for Endgame just a fyi
Liam Geoghegan
I wonder if endgame will start off mid battle then jump back to the buildup, the plan to stop Thanos and the snappening?
Pls do the wandering earth trailer reaction!!! its a very good movie!
Simon Brooks
With Jane out of the way, Thor and Capt' Marvel will get it on, & with super human strength they'll be at it for days or even weeks!!!
My CoRn!!
raj chakraborty
watever it takes
Jyani Harshil
Who are ready to break " Avatar's " record !??..
Black plasma studios Remedios
It's going to show in April 26 2019
I literally cannot wait anymore this next month is gonna feel like an eternity
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Avengers Endgame - Trailer 2 Reaction/Review/rating AVENGERS: ENDGAME - Official TRAILER 2 days ago   09:33

Adam and Jay react, review, riff, and rate the 2nd official trailer for the long awaited Avengers Endgame, and then have the emotion response Marvel was aiming for.

Original Trailer: https://ufl.ae/videow/ZoWWBR542ai

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/bnSmEkH

Today on pReview'd, Jay and Adam react to the avengers endgame trailer 2 reaction, then review it, and at the end Jay gives it his special rating. During the avengers endgame trailer 2 review they also talk crying over Marvel movies. Also in this avengers endgame trailer 2 reaction and review, i.e. the avengers endgame trailer 2 reaction & review, or as it's known on the streets, the endgame trailer 2 review, Adam discusses marketing. A lot. But it wouldn't be a endgame trailer 2 reaction if Jay didn't finally tears up. But that's not all, this endgame trailer 2 reaction and review also comes with a avengers 4 trailer 2 reaction. All this for the low, low price of you hopefully watching the 5 - 15 second commercial before the video. And for good measure avengers 4 trailer 2 review, avengers 4 reaction and review, and avengers 4 reaction & review. And that is how you YouTube.

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