STREETBEEFS STRIKER VS CAVEMAN Devon Larratt vs. Dave Chaffee: 1 day ago   07:42


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Leonard Hill
Bullshit! Cmon guys? If you’re going to do this at least a little bit right get a ref with a little knowledge of what gets counted and what don’t. I’m not going to give all my ref credentials but CAVEMAN had more significant strikes on his feet and although his ground game could tighten up a bit he’s a future star without question. Striker did a good job but clearly did NOT or should not have won this fight.great job fighters.
word in the woods
That was a great fight
J Po
Stop being cheap and get some mats
Emily Cossey
That was bullshit caveman don’t judge on the very last engagement
Markus Hale
Just listening to this guys in the background tells me there is no experience at all in any style fighting the video would be much better if the dumbass in the back yelling ( body shots bro ),( get your high guard on bro) no talent at all in this video
DropSixteenTV Tv
Caveman better technically but Striker is much stronger.
Амурр Амурр
Ебашь его😂
Setenza N family
Those body shots were nice they helped gas out caveman fast
As a Boxer, the best words of wisdom I was ever given "if you can't breathe you can't fight!"...
James Fowler
To me this fight was better then the bullshit on TV, they had heart both of the fighters. All professionals only have is money.
Kristjan Ivanov
These guys watching mma 😂
Gino Valentino
BULLSHIT!!!! Caveman won that fight hands down. Obviously Striker is the hometown guy.
Cavemen that wasn't even close. Chin up and thanks for fighting
The ol whitebelt hug
DB Camm
that back hand spin was CRUCIAL
Börre Turkan
The cuality of the fighters are gertkng much better looked like a amateur mma match
christopher jennings
Thee guys should move to the bare knuckle promo
Judges didn't get that right caveman won every round he only gassed at the end but still had the guy locked up and the best moments and moves were pulled of by caveman.
pd5v `
This black boy is gay
Sodirty thedirty
The guy in the white is just the most peculiar looking lad lol.
David Vincent
Caveman look like fuckin Pope in animal kingdom ! :P
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Devon Larratt vs. Dave Chaffee: STREETBEEFS STRIKER VS CAVEMAN 1 day ago   26:01

On July 18, 2019, Armwrestling legends faced off as Devon Larratt took on Dave Chaffee in the main event of WAL 504 Super Showdown. Larratt came in with a 33-4 record, while Chaffee boasted a 32-3 record.

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