Love Light and Twinkles - cute Whistling Happy Background Music 2 days ago   01:32

Music by Jiving Gerbil


Can I use this music in a video?

Yes! You CAN use this song for free (royalty-free etc) in your videos as background music.

Terms of use:
- Credits required: Please credit me in the description of your video by writing:
"Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil (link".
- Only use this music to supplement a proper content-filled video where the main content of the video is something other than this music.
- You may not repost this song on music youtube channels, where the focus of the video is the music.
- You may not repost this song as "free music" anywhere.
- You may not sell this music as a stand-alone music file, CD or in any other format to make money from it. It is purely offered here for use by video creators to supplement their videos.


It could make good happy background music for a youtube video I think.

Sorry it doesn't have a proper ending ~ I would have faded it out but I was a total music-making newbie when I made this and made it before I knew how to fade music out! If you fade out the music in your video, it would probably sound better :)


Recorded in EnergyXT by JivingGerbil Productions
Instruments: Kontact5 using Glockenspiel, Nylon Guitar, Drum claps & Violin / strings

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Hey guys! If you'd like to use this music in one of your videos, there's no need to ask: you can absolutely use this song as long as you follow my Terms of Use. Please see the description of this video for my Terms of Use. Thanks! ^_^
Luna The wolf
Oml this sounds amazing,Mind if I use this for some of my vids? Please it’s ok if I can’t just wondering
She changed the intro so it's no longer MA's intro.
Madmadaleine's Zoo
This is cute 🌹😍
Lino Diaz
80% Moriah Elizabeth

60%This comment

1% Can i use this for my video?
Neel Ratan Agarwal
Uh.. Guys moriah didn't use this in her intro.. She used it in her old outros
Art Skys
This is no longer MEs 🥺
Blondie Crafter
Moriah Elizabeth!😎
Caramel Apples
Anusha Suresh
90% of the comments: OMG MoRiAh eLizAbEtH UsEs ThIs MuSiC

10% of the comments: Wow such cute music!
justin sad
Moriah Elizabeth is the best who agrees ?
Hi can I use it as a background at my hamsters funeral :) it would be a awesome touch.
Gãchã_Clõver CøøkieGãming
900 like
Bellamanates LPS 2007
Um sprinkle song where you at?
ellie dog cookies
moriah elizabeth anyone?
Rocio Arones
How can I appropriately give you credits on Instagram, since I'm not able to put links on description. Thanks
Snowy Stars
Can u guys stop talking about moriah
Macaroni Cheese
Wuzz up moriah fans
Spooky Atsu
Omg this is adorable
Soul_ Studios
Moriah Elizabeth, anyone?
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Whistling Happy Background Music Love Light and Twinkles - cute 2 days ago   02:17

Download “Happy Whistling” Here:
Music by Sophonic Media

This upbeat background music is the perfect happy background instrumental for videos and music for presentations. This instrumental is upbeat and bright. If you need positive background music for your website and blogs this will be perfect. Also works great for todays popular advertising music featuring ukulele and whistling to give that cheerful sound. This is good royalty free background music for Youtube videos and you can monetize you videos no problem using my music.

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