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Addressing crowds gathered in Tehran celebrate the 40th anniversary of the revolution that broke Iran free of US dominance, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran does not need and does not seek permission for its ballistic missile programme.
Thousands of Iranians rallied in Azadi (Freedom) Square in central Tehran to mark the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution and hear the president's remarks.
The Islamic Republic has disproven some American officials who said that it would not last 40 years and, on this year's anniversary, Iranians are promising continued resilience against what government officials have said is the most hostile US administration in decades.
Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Tehran.

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James Bra
How many more missiles can they make? It’s no use without a nuclear warhead tbh
The Killer
Long live mighty Islamic Republic of Iran, all love from Lebanon
David Kanishka
Down with imperialisme down with kapitalisme down with liberalisme down with zionisme
Rafael Henk
Tienen que construir más satélites espaciales de todo orden con tecnología de punta
Taiyab Erdogan
good country iran form Nepal
Taju Olaniyi
Persian Empire. Great country
Iranian alshebabs, these guys are living in the 7th century. It's sad to see Persia living in the 7th century cult and evil ideology. Losers!!!
gulag master
Independence lol
Humanpro Life
Love Iran from India. Islamic Republic of Iran is great and strong nation. Stay strong god help come to u soon
meow meow
Don't have food to eat still revolution
illiam Christian
An Iran arms race. This crisis is only making the whole world more dangerous.
Rêãl FäçTs
Long live Iran from India
Islam zindabad
Enzo Ferrarii
Fake newwwssss
Mohd Mussa
Any country who ignores their sovereignty and defense needs, the results we have seen in middle east , in the form of invasion of Iraq, Libya, Syria. So go Iran procure all defense needs from any source and defend your country from aggression of US and Zionists. Becoz it is basic right of any country to defend it's sovereignty. World is always with you for your righteous principle and attitude which you have shown in defeating the brutal ISIS terrorists which were produced by Saudis, Emaratis, and UAE with active collaboration of US and Isreal.
Juliet Tun
I think Hemet is a farm town. I think there should be farms in Hemet. Soy farms can export soy milk and tofu to Los Angeles and San Diego. There can be plum farms, eggplant farms and potatoe farms. I think maybe Americans will not eat ocean animals and that means they will eat chicken.
Eduardo Tangsang
Chanting death to America and waiting by the thousands in America embassies applying for visa.
Ara J
just when you think an entire nation cannot be all retarded right ? then names like Iran and turkey pops up and you be like well I guess it is possible for 82 million nation to be retards
Bashir Faarah
I'm so emotion I'm so happy to see great Muslim country I call Iranian ppl to support their government and their country I love you guys from south Africa go forward iran
Big John
I hope you do so we can blast u dirty sandniggers of the planet
Yaseen Morgan
WIPE israel offfffff the map💪💪💪
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The War Against Boko Haram (Part 🇮🇷 On revolution anniversary, Iran 2 days ago   09:07

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