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The smell in the air... it's the poignant aroma of the pigskin. Football season is once again upon us. The misery and unwarranted joy of all 31 fanbases will be on display. This first week brings many emotions: The start of something new, a clean slate, burgeoning hope. The canvas is clean and all they have to do is play games.

What ended up happening this week? This video will show you what... somewhat, anyway.

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FlamesFanYT 3434
Bring back the old intro
Ditch 79
Tank Bowl!!!!
Volume_ 31six
I love how I’m the bengals game. His arm is moving forward and the ball passes the line of scrimmage. But in the saints game the rams Qb had his arm all the way back and the ball stayed behind the line of scrimmage but they ruled it an incomplete pass after cam Jordan picked it up and ran for a td
Ed Young
Fu*k you dolphin and fu*k you whale
Brent Granger
I love the "Buttfumble Detector," and I'm looking forward to seeing it go off again massively after last night's Monday night disaster. Where is the Buffalo optimism meter, though?
Thunder Rat
Trees opinion for the NFL standings:

NFC North:
Packers: 1-0
Bears: 0-1
Vikings: 1-0
Lions: 0-1

AFC North:
Ravens: 1-0
Browns: 0-1
Bengals: 0-1
Steelers: 0-1

AFC East:
Patriots: 1-0
Dolphins: Wants '72 back
Jets: 0-1
Bills: 1-0

NFC South:
Falcons: 0-1
Panthers: 0-1
Buccaneers: 0-1
Saints 1-0
Saints Defense: 0-1

NFC East:
Eagles: 0-1
Redskins: 0-1
Cowboys: 1-0
Giants: 0-1

NFC West:
49ers: 1-0
Rams: 1-0
Seahawks: 1-0
Cardinals: 0-1

AFC West:
Chiefs: 1-0
Chargers: 1-0
Raiders: 1-0
Broncos: 0-1

AFC South:
Jaguars: 0-1
Titans: 1-0
Texans: 1-0
Jaguars: 0-1
TurtLe Comic Reviews
I feel for the falcons ryan and julio. Great players that deserve a bowl but whole team cant hold it together.
There’s a glorious yinzer scream at 11:00 your welcome
The Patriots
May urinatingtree narration will lead football seasons to new age of wonders and majestic era. Amen
If the bears continue to be inconsistent on offense, perhaps the title “Chicago dumpster fire” could be their title of the section
Fernando Luna
Liked the intro tree
Oh man bolt the windows and lock the medicine chests at the Yinzer household. Captain fat fuck is done for the year and the only thing the Dolphins did right sunday was accidentally ice New England's kicker on a meaningless extra point. Go Penguins!
“I want to die, that is all”
Brian head coaching career
Let’s go dolphins 0-16 season
Shawn Lopez
Luke Phillips
"What they did against the vikings makes minnesota look a ruthless pillager against a defenseless saxonville village." Mate u messed up there
ass Hat
4:49 ya you need not say that . You know that's a racial slur for African Americans .
The Last Pikachu
Ah the time of the year when Tree forgets about every other sport to focus on the most boring professional league in North America. Can't wait.
Oh boy lost 2 starters already, what a time to be a Redskins fan once again...
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This Week in Sportsball: NFL Week This Week in Sportsball: NFL Week 1 day ago   15:30

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The apex of the NFL season is upon us. The finale has arrived with a combination of the hopes for a postseason run and bitter acceptance/relief of the end of the season. Regardless, there is a lot to sort out. Some teams got a head start on the offseason while others are still searching for answers. The quest for 0-16 has reached its final hurdle, and a few teams are still fighting to make it into the playoff race.

What will this week truly hold? Let this video tell you... something.

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