Lost Kings & Loren Gray Alan Walker - ON MY WAY (Lyrics) ft. Sabrina 1 day ago   03:06

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I hate drinking coffee in the morning
I hate that place everybody goes
If it’s fun I probably think it’s boring
Just like that song everybody knows
So put your hands up in the air if you hate songs that tell you to
Put your hands up in the air up, up in the air

I’m anti everything but I love you
I’m fuckin’ miserable ‘til you walk into the room, ya
I talk a lot of shit swear you’ll get used to it
Cuz I’m anti everything but you, everything but you

I hate every second you’re not with me
I hate when we have to say goodbye
You’re the only one who makes me feel things

‘Cause I usually feel nothing inside
So put your hands up in the air if you hate songs that tell you to
Put your hands up in the air up up in the air

‘Cause I’m anti everything but I love you
I’m fuckin miserable till you walk into the room, ya
I talk a lot of shit swear you’ll get used to it
‘Cause I’m anti everything but you, everything but you

Director - Tyler Bailey

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Comments 4533 Comments

Μαν. Μαλτ.
The song is just amazing and u are also amazing. continue be urself. we love and support u
Gunjan Sakhare
people having no work judge others, loren is doing an amazing work
hermione2611 K
Most of the comments here saying "Stop hating, I don't get all this hate". We're not hating, we just state a simple fact : This is very auto tuned. It's true, whether you like it or not. It doesn't mean we spread hate towards her.
Ahmad Alhameli
lory or how is tis chanel... ilove you for pooting is song and thank you lory becous you chang me ein i her this song amd (lost kings)thinkyou alot and i subscribe youe canell
Sarah Lisa Gonzalez
Rody 1901
Stop the bashing, Loren's doing a good job, at least she's earning unlike most of the teens
loner Mi
*14yo boys are shaking *
Zi Zi
I think many people hate on her because they are just JEALOUS
SO PLS STOP and by the way this song is amazing 😄
Wait you cus wtf
Lilly Yum
The best song...ever!
nina l
just because some people deserve a record deal more, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve it. she is working hard and her voice isn’t so special but it really isn’t so bad omg. chill and let her be
Ana Skelton
why does it matter if she’s a good singer or not literally everyone in the music industry uses auto tune🤷‍♀️ it’s a good song anyway, if you don’t like it, don’t bother commenting. she doesn’t need “constructive criticism” or “negative criticism” whatever you call it. unless she asked for some critiquing, that’s my bad i didn’t know, but y’all need to chill if she didn’t
Ahmed Rai
She is great 👌👌👌❤️❤️🇵🇰🇵🇰
Its so good
I like this song before I saw her singing it so I’ll just stick with lyric video. But I love this song, her song isn’t bad either.
For everyone saying that all artists use auto tune, those artists actually sound good w/o it, loren doesn't, the song isn't bad though
Eglantina Vasiu
Support herr don't give hatee peoplee 😣
regular vfx
she’s improving
bish you can't sing
Jeanne Chen
this is my favourite song
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Alan Walker - ON MY WAY (Lyrics) ft. Sabrina Lost Kings & Loren Gray 1 day ago   03:44

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