Free energy, solar copper Free Electricity Generator 220V 1 day ago   04:39

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Free energy, solar copper wire, new idea to create solar cell

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Margo Angel
aasli dunia
kapila Premarathne Premarathne
Can you explain. How it work
João Vitor
This seems false.
There's a diode hidden inside.
Gaurav Kumar
Energy Nut
Nannette Battista
work goes much faster with Avasva plans.
Rishan Ranatunga
Hey Magician! You missed something this time. If magnet wire induces DC, why did you use a rectifier for the solar cell earlier or on this day sunshine emits pulsating DC?
Evgen Mozolevski
I did it quickly and efficiently with instructions from Avasva website.
sachin tyagi
fake video
Akhilesh Mishra
Can it work in flash light of phone
Jorge 2017a1
hacerlo mas grande haber si recibe mas volts, asi tendremos una similar celda solar.
yellowcat cat
Thanks for the idea! Even though I have no idea how could ur idea idealize, but it's unique though.
Dude stop playing the same music over and over again and this is not solar energy dumbass
this is not fully L C circuit, can't work.
Kb baloch Baloch
this is not a Soler power ? it's only magnatic antenna power create, same as wireless charger, so fake idea, fools,
stevio 1963 Ada
there is no free energy
Can you explain working principle?
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Free Electricity Generator 220V Free energy, solar copper 1 day ago   10:49

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