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Blue Energy -- Ocean Power (Piston Pump & Racks)
Fluid Pumping Apparatuses Powered By Waves Or Flowing Currents

A new invention using "Double acting fluid piston pumps extracting energy from waves or flowing currents into electricity. A revolutionary fluid currents energy converter device by combining double acting fluid pumping apparatuses and moveable racks to convert Ocean waves or flowing currents into electricity.

The present invention provide double acting pump mechanisms when the piston reciprocates inside the piston chamber as the piston is driven by a float according to rising and falling waves.

Each pumping apparatus is driven by a float; the pumped fluid (water and/or air) is supplied to drive a fluid motor or a turbine, which in turn operates a generator to produce electric power.

International Patent Application No. PCT/SG2011/000232
Henry Lam Teng Choy
Email : [email protected]

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The technology is not being furthered because it's just a crock of manure. Just a big word salad that is equivalent to smoke being blown up ones anus. Good way to launder money and buy some blow.
JS Mariani
the designs that minimize or eliminate seawater contact with metal are the best. I like the river wheel.
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What's inside a wind turbine? Blue Energy - Ocean Power 1 day ago   09:53

An overview of the layout of utility-class wind turbine generators - where are the major components, what do they do, and what differences can be found between models and size ranges.

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