Sudan's 'Nubian Queen' becomes 🇸🇩 Calls grow louder 1 day ago   01:21

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Alaa Salah is one of the women leading the anti-government protests in Sudan. Now a picture of her has gone viral as a symbol for the protests and she's been labeled as Sudan's 'nubian queen'. Protests against the rule of Omar al-Bashir in Sudan first broke out in December 2018 and are ongoing since.

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jan jansen
She is very inspiring
TurKish Ottoman
omar al bashir good leader

alaa salah israel american dog 🐶🐕🐶
Harunuddin Achiczy
♥ from afghanistan
We hope you achieve and win your freedom! Support from The Philippines.
Horn of Africa Peace Advocacy
I hope she is fine, May Allah protect them.
What's happening in Sudan is so inhumane, Subhanallah. When in authority it's your responsibility to protect your own. Fear Allah as he will bring you all to answer to this Dhulma.
mnbv Mnbv
My heart is breaking for my sudanese people love from somalia
BAARI waalid
I am from somalia i heat this girl
zaib khan official
my wish i m com Sudan son as son inshallah and meet this queen girl love from Pakistan 👍 👍 👍 👍 👊
زكية عبدالعزيز
وين اختفت ايقونه الثوره
Brhane Alem
AL- Bashir gone Next Isaias dictotar. Sudan we love you From Eritrea
e dube
power to the people's we woke! if we stick together we can accomplish anything one love to sudan
محمد خالد سعيد
taeatifukum yaziduna qua
Abdur Rahman
Cannot stop watching and watching for 100 times!
Ahmedeen Saeed
Will the revolution end Saudi/Egyt neocolonization of Sudan?
Claud Black
Meanwhile in France the burn down and vandalize acting like hooligans on the streets of Paris! One do wonder who really are the savages.
sara deen
Love from somalia.❤
Lidia Asmelash
Official Ball
When the people are united against these tyrants you see that voice will be heard changes will be made because they will have no choice.
Bubblgumer_YT MM
Well done Sudan girl your very strong keep on going I’m from Sudan as well .All of Sudan are proud of u.Keep on going god bless u and sudan✌️🇸🇩❤️❤️😍🥰😘👍💋
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🇸🇩 Calls grow louder Sudan's 'Nubian Queen' becomes 1 day ago   02:55

Two weeks after mass protests in Sudan unseated former President Omar al-Bashir, more protesters from the northern city of Atbara have joined the sit-in in Khartoum.
They're unhappy with the military dragging its heels over establishing a transitional civilian government and dismissed an African Union proposal to put back that deadline by three months.

Al Jazeera's Mohamed Vall reports from Khartoum.

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