The Ukrainian War: Weekly Update. Life at the Ukrainian Front Line 2 days ago   03:39

First Focus
The first of our new weekly update videos, covering the events of last week in the Ukrainian War.

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Please do cover both side, unlike main stream media.
Eli Rainey
Is this channel shut down? I subbed but when I click on the channel it says it don’t exist???
I dont have any clue whats happening there, I've not seen english news in western media long time. It's so easy to forgot whole war because personally I dont have any relatives in it. Sometimes even I forgot that there is war in europe and it's really hard to find any relevant information.. so sad :( Any idea where to look more info?
"This channel is not available in your country."

Well, fuck you, too, Youtube.
Stupid Russians invading other countries, just like they did with Poland in 1939.
Great work, this. The war in the east has been cast in the shadows for a long time.
OSCE is biased and not to be trusted.
David Hro
Thank you for covering this. Subscribed and liked. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for keeping us up to date. I truly appreciate it.
Shawn Jorgensen
Did you make a video before this? Your channel is not available in the US so I can't see any of your other stuff.
Alex Scheuerman
American here can’t subscribe to your channel. Odd.
I too recently returned from a visit to :Ukraine, I loved it there,and Im working on going back there soon
I live in the US and when I tried to access the channel to see more of your content but it says its blocked. The video worked fine.

Thank you for keeping up this reporting. I feel there is a lack of news surrounding this crisis.
Mark Kellio
Great idea to publish on English!
Vladimir Polyakov
Awesome video. Could you use YouTube subtitles (which can be disabled) functionality instead of having them built in. It's very hard to listen to you when Ukrainian subtitles presented. My eyes automatically read Ukrainian and messed up with your English voice. Thank you
Great work! Look forward to seeing more. Keep it up!
History Hustle
I just returned from my travels in Ukraine. I visited Kharkiv and was able to conversate with some soldiers that got wounded in battle. Sad there is still a war going on. Hope it will end. How are your views on that?
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Life at the Ukrainian Front Line The Ukrainian War: Weekly Update. 2 days ago   03:32

Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas are used to constant shelling by Russian-led militants. They call the current situation relatively quiet, although it's far from a complete ceasefire. Russian hybrid troops are firing at Ukrainian positions with small arms.
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