UFC 234: Israel Adesanya and Anderson UFC 234: Anderson Silva Breaks 2 days ago   04:13

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva both spoke inside the Octagon after their main event tilt.

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Comments 5483 Comments

Jacob Nieves
Seeing Anderson Silva make the Rocky reference was great! 😂 honestly my favorite fighter ever along with gsp great fighter and a great man
That eye poke tho
An African moment.
Ningtung Rl
Anderson u r humble
HeySnowFlake! #Here'sYourTRIGGERWARNING
Two real Men Right there. When idols become rivals.
Daniel Melo
What a great fight! Past, present and future of the sport. Two real warriors. A very talented young guy versus arguably the greatest combat sports athlete of all time.
andy boyd
Pure respect! What a sporting legend and role model Silva is. Man is a don
Daniel Gonçalves
This fight didn't lived up to its hype just like I expected. I felt Silva didn't performed like he used and just was in the octagon for a payday. Both fighters didn't went for the finish I feel. Obviously Silva at 43 is longer in his prime and at this point is fighting for money and Israel just showed too much respect and just did enough to get the decision.
Christian Molina
Was he doing a Conor McGregor Impression at 2:05
Wandering Aimlessly
I think Israel said thank you to Silva in Japanese? #Arigatou
Big Boss
I feel that MMA fighters are really pitiful, fighters are not paid enough and the likes of BJ Penn and Anderson Silva have to continue fighting without retiring in glory just to make a few extra bucks
Big Boss
I came for 2.10 and when I turned on the video it was there instantly
amoo o
I hate Israel
jade agni
one of the greatest MMA figther I've ever seen Andersen Silva Legend .
Who tf is cutting onions in here? Stop it...
Aubri Covel
I love it a beautiful moment between 2 legends of the sport #ThankYouAndersonForEverything #TheSpider #GOAT #YOURLEGACYLIVESFOREVER #THEREALSPIDERMAN #MMAROYALTY
David Walalason
I like Anderson reactions.
Silva. Stop fighting! It’s like Michel Jordan still playing basketball. You’re the greatest of all time retire.
Muamer Blazevic
00:21 Don't do this to a man only to God. You can shake a guy's hand hug him congratulate him but never bow to a man.
Well done to this fighter israel for his respect and love to his idol and one of the greatest fighters on the world
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UFC 234: Anderson Silva Breaks UFC 234: Israel Adesanya and Anderson 2 days ago   03:57

At the UFC 234 weigh-ins, Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva faced off for the final time ahead of their co-main event fight this weekend in Melbourne. Silva got very emotional following the staredown, breaking down into tears.

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