[Breaking News] Adam Schefter Randy Moss talk in depth 1 day ago   10:11

[Breaking News] Adam Schefter heated: AB accused of raping former trainer in lawsuit | ESPN SC

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Orang Indonesia
Red Pandas OMG
Hi mahri
If someone stabs me twice in June... I'm not seeing them again in may so they can shoot me.. ijs
Menelik X
He is a talented outspoken black man that white men in power are uncomfortable 🥵 with . They like their black men docile and ready to lick white people ‘s boots 🥾 on command.
Backpacker One64
Adam Schefter *_HEATED_* ?
Youve been lied to
jammn 1
Adam didn't look heated?
Ten Second BuickGN
Another deuchebag title
Kurt McKelvey
He knows he did it !!! 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Nathan Stender
Schefter wasn't heated... fake headline.
Michael Stone
Can't stand AB. But, I don't believe her. Raped 3 times over a year. Who'd go back after the 1st time.
Gonz Wouldgo
Warning!!! There is zero heat. It’s cold as ice. Total click bait. Total master baiter
Casey Freels
I don't know, shit sounds fishy as fuck, just a lawsuit though
Carl Vereen
Say what y’all really feel like y’all did the ben roethlisberger rape situation.
Karim Amin
365 days a year and she had to choose now?
Lee Kautz
Doesn't even matter about football...screw football. They play the dolphins...duuuuuh. its about this idiot and getting him gone.
Trev Mac
*The NFL* has never been the same since OJ chopped his wifes head off
Christina Tubbs
So wouldnt did nfl seek into pitt quater rape he plays for nfl but didnt end up court neither one who killed and get away with murder so so many who act belive a lie rather 100 out lies folks would believe a lie faster than sinking ship
Ennis Whalen
Hiring a FEMALE personal trainer? Do you REALLY.REALLY want a large headache? I hope he has to millions,as it will teach the rest of these guys a lesson.
Ashton Kandola
Is she raiders fan?
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Randy Moss talk in depth [Breaking News] Adam Schefter 1 day ago   10:26

Randy Moss talk in depth about Antonio Brown coming to Patriots

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