Criticism of left ‘often missed’ ‘Going around the people’ to legislate 2 days ago   11:30

Sky News Australia
Journalist Chris Uhlmann says there’s been “a lot of criticism” of people on the right and the effect they’ve had on the climate debate but the same of the left is “often missed”.

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Leftys are criminally insane.
Trigger Troll
Natural gas with carbon capture is the future. Renewables are all made with non renewable resources mined with diesel fuel.
Derek Finch
The truth of the matter with just had a massive power outlet in Britain with hundreds of thousands of people were affected including hospitals and railway stations if you allow the environmental loonies to run your country he would even get worse for you in Australia there isn't an eternity of forms of energy for this time if you want to look at the new form of energy when you have to adapt nuclear power or stop shutting Close kelkar power coal powered power stations wake up Australia stop getting stop allowing people from the UN hope f****** else going up the ass
Darrylle Sunderland
I'll keep 'denying' it until it's eventually proven: "There is NO need for ANY CO2 reduction. CO2 is good for the planet. Man's 'contribution' to 'warming' is so negligible as to be invisible",
Blackouts in the USA, UK and Australia, could it be by chance?
Peter Burke
Lol mate you can't make this up.sad Times ahead under the left.
So, the problem is that the ABC is a taxpayer funded organisation designed to pander to the confirmation bias of left wing extremists? Easily fixed, but I doubt it will remediate the unjustifiable increase in Australian energy costs or improve the reliability of supply.
John Falting
What annoys me about the climate change debate is we demonize co2, I agree we are affecting the climate, but not with co2, with sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide, all being poured into the atmosphere by developing countries, but we are too scared to point the finger at china, mexico, india etc, surprise surprise pollution in these cities is unbearable.
John Falting
all journalists start left (bolt worked for hawke), because there training ensures this, it just takes a different length of time before they work out left ideology doesn't work, and when they start working it out the ones left ostracize them which vindicates there questioning.
It's certainly eye-opening to watch modern civilization crumble the moment the power goes out.
mike underbrink
I freaking HATE those damn Windmills... They are ugly, useless, and they are screwing up my bird hunting... They are also a huge waste of our money. There is no way a single windmill would have built without MAHUSIVE subsidies from the government. Do a little research on these things, it's horrifying... I'm in South Texas on the coast, these damn things are everywhere....
Thomase Synek
I believe the IPCC experts on the need to genocide all but 500 million people to save the Earth. I am sure after 40 years of communism, they are capable of killing people. The 500 million selected doesn't include you or your family.
Ben Eltham should be banned from Twitter (and other social media platforms). His posts and opinions are contrary to both truth and the general good of the country.
Harry Gasser
I got to run my medical equipment, so if there is blackout I just switch over to 12 volt.
Snow Owl
corporations want tax payer's money..... but to socialise any losses from bad investments..... The left is a corporate wing to extract wealth from government so that corporations don't have to risk their own money.
Cool Granddad
500 complaints! Wow, that's what the Left does now, dare to disagree with their ideology and they'll gladly bury you in complaints, lawsuits and every other method of harassment. What about another opinion? If you thoughts and disproved by facts, what about changing one's viewpoint?
Criticizing "the left" is only done by Scientists. And of course "Nazis", "Homophobes", "Misogynists", "Islamophobes" and, err, red meat-eaters. Duh!
Dimitrios Freedom
Man made climate change is a man made myth. ABC=Always Broadcasting Crap.
Mike Oz
Wind turbines are disgusting, unreliable, bird killing, eye sores which should be torn down immediately. There is no reason why Aust. cannot have the cheapest energy in the world. All we need to do is build a few modern coal-fired power plants and finally give up on this ridiculous failed notion of climate change which is nothing more than a natural cycle.
just a thought
China wipes out any green house gas saving we do over a year in less than a month . Cant replace 24 / 7 by 365 days power by 12 / 7 by 295 days power and not have a problem . especially when peak demand hits . The best thing is its gonna smack the green energy people right between the eyes . The worst thing is a lot of people will have been hit by no power for long periods and have to suffer thru it as well as pay much higher rates for power and gas which flows onto goods and services as well . We will be the most expensive country in the world to live and just be a second world country doing it .
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‘Going around the people’ to legislate Criticism of left ‘often missed’ 2 days ago   05:16

Sky News host Peta Credlin is urging the prime minister to “be very careful” after Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt said the government is considering other options to implement an Indigenous voice to parliament.

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