Meet The 'Special Observers': Soldiers Earning The Kukri: Learning To Use The Iconic 1 day ago   04:30

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The role of special observer is unique.

Their job is to march up to 100km ahead of the frontline - deep into enemy territory and in the dead of night construct observation posts in buildings, bushes or underground. Then they must watch and wait, silently logging the enemy’s every move and feeding it back to command. The information they send will be crucial.

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Sargent knickers
Do you think they should give this info away
Pipito Paerata
It's a boring job ...not glamorous at all...
Captain Rex
I can see him
Modern day ninjas
I’ve never seen a bush as dense as that
*jęřømê* bųřïëļ
Huh where is the sound coming from
I only see tree's and bush and grass
Stevie McSchneive
You see their decoration skills? Clearly they are gay! You could eat off that floor.
Mohammed Naik
To be soldier training is not important strength is not important all these mambo Jambo is useless..! To be a soldier u must have an incredible patience because patience is really important for soldiers if you don’t have patience in battle zone from general army to ordinary soldiers u lose war very fast..!! Look at these so called trained soldiers of the world they are ready and willing to spend 4 hours in training but they not ready to stay in battle field not even for an hour..! Why is that..! Because they messed one of the important elements and that is patience..! Like I said before don’t give fuck about ur training and strength if you don’t have patience..! Losing war is lack of being impatient s..! So u want ride with me in battle be prepared to stay in battle hours days months..! And I don’t accept female soldiers..! In my line of work we don’t use women..!
Mister Sorge
Wow! It was my job at my squad. Glad see it here. I thought it was a forgotten art
King.K The Best
I wonder how they play shooter games....
Abhi Sawant
The enemy sees them on YouTube
Robert Peruzzini
Wooooo, recoooonnnnn! I've always been told it's better to "put your pistol to your head and go to fiddlers green" rather than to get captured
Probably get arrested in 40 years for vandalising those bushes!
Enemy:now I see them
cristopher wong
You mean Pathfinder
Mr Convincing
Pathfinders and 148FOB can literally do all of this but better and theyre 'ally' as fuck as they say. Why join special observers?
Wasted Soul
*Starts the video.*

_Sees a soldier crawling._

Philbyd 123
Dead of noit
David Benner
Sounds like deer hunters in the Allegheny Mountains.
Ryan Harrison
So cav scout huh Roger 2 fucking ez sgt
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Earning The Kukri: Learning To Use The Iconic Meet The 'Special Observers': Soldiers 1 day ago   04:21

For the past 11 weeks, Gurkha training riflemen in Catterick have been confined to the barracks (bar for their one culture lesson beyond the wire) but this week the class of 2018 successfully ‘passed off the square’.

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Reporter: Hannah King

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