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DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW ain’t got nothin’ on my man RAM. Oh yes, DVD-RAM, the format of mild obscurity which seems like it should have been friggin huge. Alas, it was but mildly useful.

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Luke K
I had DVD Ram disks for my Panasonic DVD recorder. It was great and we had a DVD Ram drive in our PC. It was a great option until the costs of usb flash drives came cost effective.
I didn't have an ipod in 2005. I had a PSP with music, videos, and video game emulators. That was the bees knees, not the iPod.
Melhod Riperton
I have one from Panasonic DVD-RAM
Hrnek Bezucha
Still remember my mom saying _"Make sure you don't buy the DVD+R, because they never work."_
What about jazz drives?
I found a few of these kicking around in my Dad's CD's when he asked me to rip them all for him. Turns out my PC's Blu Ray drive can read and write them!
I'd be interested in a video about the "VR mode" on DVD recorders from the mid-2000's. I don't really know how popular it was, but I used it a lot back then, because I loved being able to dynamically edit my recorded material right on the DVD. But of course, I can't play them on any other device, without some tricks.
David McGill
Now I want to witness Windows booting off one of these. Oh that drive would hate it.
Level Heading
Be sure to rewind your DVD's, before further use.
Pierre Kuchmann
None of the reasons you mentioned here seem compelling reasons why the dvd ram failed
Corsair Soul
I had a cartridge based version of DVD-RAM wayyyy back in the 90's.
Constantine Ivanoff
I like your way of presenting, I'm definitely subscribing!
Steven Pimentel
I don’t like this dude but he covers interesting content
CD burner in 1996: $700
DVD burner in 2004: $159
DVD burner in 2013: $15
MarchOf TheLorex
Ah yes used these.
Picchio Knossus
am I the only one that didn't buy DVD readers and writers after 2002 and that after 2005 used DVDs just to install an operating system ? In my opinion dvd died due to the lack of portability. For small files pen drives and sd cards where more portable and for big files 2.5" hard drives where more portable. Can you imagine many people putting DVDs or CDs in a pocket? BTW in 1998 2.5" hard drives could easily have 6-12gb and had an io speed of 15-25mb/s so why would you buy a DVD?
Dasos Lukos
You said poopie xD (Yes, I am immature lol)
Star Fyodperor
Today we can have HDD or maybe even SSD hooked on USB 3.0
I have a few DVD RAM disc still in the closet.
Cost was really the big one, DVD-Rs fell fast in the early 2000s, DVD-RAMs stayed expensive. And to be fair, DVD-Rs were a compatibility mess too - many set-top boxes were quite picky about the media they accepted, or the speed the discs were burned at. A lot wouldn't take RWs either. And yeah, the whole +R thing was crazy too, would be a good topic as well. Virtually nothing took +Rs and they were also somewhat more expensive, so they were a big flop.
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CD Video (Not Video CD) - when DVD-RAM: The Disc that Behaved 1 day ago   21:55

A video about CD Video, not to be confused with Video CD.
Featuring an appearance from Kenny Everett.
Full 1988 Promo Disc Here: https://ufl.ae/videow/XEQuUv4T0tK
Also if you're interested, back in 2015 I made a video about Laserdisc: https://ufl.ae/videow/AEhd2xRiOAU

Laservision Brochure https://www.radios-tv.co.uk/philips-laservision/

A viewer has shared this link to a video promo for CDV - I’ve cueued it up to the section that explains how CDV (but also LaserDiscs) work. It’s surprisingly detailed - you might find it of interest. You’ll need to pan your balance to your right speaker for English. If you’re viewing it via an IOS device, this is possible using the accessibility controls in settings. https://ufl.ae/videow/pYUfZPbL2ys

************** C O R R E C T I O N ******************
The BBC Domesday Project Laserdisc Players were connected to BBC Masters not Model B’s as erroneously stated (as well as IBM compatible PCs)

Potential Yes. See the FAQs in the video description text box for more.
Q) Can you play the video on a 12cm CD Video in a DVD or VCD machine or in a PC?
A) No, it's composite analog video whereas those play digital formats.
(There are some later Laserdisc machines that can play DVDs because they added in the MPEG2 decoders.).

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Over Time - Vibe Tracks https://ufl.ae/videow/LIIimLPIwZm

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ThatSFXGuy - https://ufl.ae/videow/5C3-PL5-GTC

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