Single Girl's Son Is A Bear In The Sims This is Why Being a Kid is Awesome! | Funny 1 day ago   34:09

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 15! Chelsea is determined to make this new year her best yet, but the children are going through a phase.

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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts

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Edric Graf
Hiranya Damodhar
Can you please name a girl lvy
Brianna Reid
If it a girl name bella , Ella or Brianna and if it’s a boy name Colton , Noah or Danny xxx love you so much xxx
Sadie Chiodo
Did you notice you had twins
Orlando Sherbet
Why is there a grave in your backyard
Tristan is the name of my nefhew
Gacha Girls!
16:16 dead people die?
Francey's World
girls: luna hermione ginny cho lavender or pavarti
boys: fred george ron harry Cedric viktor or DRACOOOOOO (ilove draco)
if u can't tell I'm ubsessed w/ harry potter
Hailey -liz
Sksk my name is Hailey and i have red hair
Olivia Rhyne
15:50 iTs NoT a PhASe MoM

I honestly relate to these kids
Ellie cook
aaaaa my names ellie
Its great that Kelsey has no hesitation when getting girl on girl romance. Gay rights!
Lloyd fan
I’m a triplet so this episode was made for me
Carly Walter
Anyone else notice that the curtains were unevenly centred on the windows? 6:07
Kinley Coules
i have some names for girls kinley, andee and ella plz do kinley it is my name
Skyler Jones
cooper is a furry rip
Demi Bouwmeester
Kelsey: Is this because you've seen dead people die?😂😂
leilah naji
at 17:14 you said its 18 but 17
Ava Johnson
Penelope or Ava
Kenidi VanArsdale
name suggestions -
girls : Kiki, Mari, goldie, may, sunny, lizzie , harper , caroline , merida , ariel , grace .

boys - jordan, artie, parker, gavin, Benjamin , eric , matthew , allen .
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This is Why Being a Kid is Awesome! | Funny Single Girl's Son Is A Bear In The Sims 1 day ago   10:33

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If there's one thing I've learned it's this -- kids are awesome! Here's the thing about is awesome! Today, I'm showing you a compilation of some awesome people -- particularly some awesome kids. Sometimes you gotta just show the world how #awesome . Today's video is this is why kids are awesome! ! You know, funny kid wins and stuff! These funny videos for kids are super funny and amazing. Or...sorry awesome videos! These kids are winning one after the other, but it's all just so hilarious! Whether you like the epics wins or funny fails, you're gonna love all of these funny kid videos! And all that stuff!

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This is Why Kids Are Awesome!!! | Funny Kid Wins And Stuff

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