The Russo Brothers Break Down How Captain America Was Able To Use Thor's 2 days ago   26:12

*'Avengers: Endgame' SPOILERS in this video*
MCU directors Anthony and Joe Russo go over some of their favorite moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and discuss what went into building their epic conclusion in Avengers: Endgame. The brothers break down scenes from 'Iron Man,' 'Captain America: The First Avenger,' 'Captain America: Winter Soldier,' 'Captain America: Civil War,' 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' 'Avengers: Infinity War,' 'Avengers: Endgame' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

'Avengers: Endgame' is in theaters now!
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The Russo Brothers Break Down the Biggest Marvel Moments *ENDGAME SPOILERS* | GQ

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Frogger 251
You fucks ruined the hulk
Who are the people who disliked this video? I don't understand... Are they the producers of DC?
And cap smiled after he slightly moved the hammer but didn't lift it, just a give away to us that he is happy to know he could lift the hammer but he chose not to...
funny that "I am Iron Man" was an ad lib by RDJ, the writers never wrote it
Human murtaza Tunio
Please get come ironman in marvel future movies
Joe Blowme
If only we could get them to rewrite the last 2 seasons of GoT........
Zwelakhe Seroke
Cap: Stark: we need a plan of attack

Iron Man: I have a plan, attack.
Milton Kazi
Character development... something GoT season 8 forgot about. I want season 8 reshot by these 2
Michael Arrowsmith
When hulk punches the big snakey alien ting in avengers 2012 and all the aliens stop and look and kinda scream at them and we see fury’s vision of what the avengers could be finally come to fruition and realise what an incredible team they really can make - plus the cinematography during that fight was revolutionary and I think really laid the foundation for the following films in the mcu, where you have so many characters to exploit in a single film - amazing to see them do it as well as the can/do
Blessed Mother
I am not sure what’s more amazing: the creation of all the MCU movies, or the fact that someone (Anthony Russo) still actually knows proper grammar and said “Joe and I” and not “Joe and me.” 😆
Elijah Yong
Where is Avengers Assemble?!!!
I don't know how much to thank u guys. The movie can't be any better
Thank you so much for acknowledging fans in India
Spencer Honda
well mostly everyone already knew about Spider-Man cause the trailer spoiled it
Dikeledi Musi
Russo Brothers, you guys are awesome, but, I believe there was just 1 other thing truly way more perfect, symmetrical and indicative for Tony to say, rather than saying; "I am Iron Man"; which also consists of 4 words similar to "I am Iron Man". However, although a similar quote, I genuinely believe they would've been 4 words, that meant much more.
Raz Khan
Be honest. You killed off A titular character just because you couldn’t or wouldn’t renegotiate a new contract with him. You guys did a lot right, thank you for that. But you guys did a lot wrong in both the Infinity War movies. You should own up to it like the GOT cast did.
chani foo
Carl Chase
Both of them got visibly emotional when they talked about "I am Ironman" moment. Priceless. Thank you russo brothers
Jim Nixon
I am Iron Man 3000.
Why didn't they find a way to get The Vision back.....missed him in End game
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How Captain America Was Able To Use Thor's The Russo Brothers Break Down 2 days ago   10:08

Based on the box office numbers for Avengers: Endgame, you’ve all already seen this movie but just in case, be wary of spoilers ahead! Endgame was the culmination for eleven years of storytelling and over twenty films, so you bet there was going to be some epic moments. Arguably, one of the most epic bits in the entire movie came when Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, went flying into the open hand of Steve Rogers, who was already holding his Captain America shield. But how can Steve lift the hammer? Thor mentions in Infinity War that weapons made at Nidivelir cannot be held by mortal men as they would destroy the body and bring one to insanity. Yet Rogers is not only sane and alive but able to use the hammer effectively. In other words, the hammer deemed him Worthy of the Power of Thor, a concept that was set up in the very first Thor movie back in Phase One. This idea of Cap being “worthy” was further teased at during the early scenes of Age of Ultron and let’s be real, of all the characters in the Avengers, Rogers is certainly the noblest and most humble of the batch, fitting the criteria to lift Mjolnir effectively. Captain America lifting the hammer isn’t anything new either; this event has happened a few times in the comics and you can tell the Russo Brothers and Endgame’s writers poured over the comics to bring that moment to life. Seeing Cap lift the hammer in “Fear Itself” while yelling “Avengers Assemble” ranks as one of Roger’s coolest moments in our books.

Script by Sean Gallagher

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