This Is What the Ukraine War Looks Ukraine Gun Battle Caught On Camera 1 day ago   21:29

The Daily Signal
The Daily Signal was among the first foreign media outlets to embed with the regular Ukrainian army during an eight-day period in Pisky from June 8-15, 2015. |

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J Grant
Truly sad.
Jack Me-Hoff
Good work. Awesome
Nordmenn 0
Loyal war dog
A Singh
Ukraine such a shit hole since the coup and civil war. UN says it will lose 50% of its people and 70% of its GDP.
Well Wisdom
War and tragedy happening in one part of the world, while in another part, people complaining about gender pronouns.
What a waste; they have their feuds with each other like everyone, but really, two groups of people that are like family killing each other in a feud instead of saving themselves for a real enemy in which neither have anything in common. This is truly a tragedy.
Russians aggressive where's this on our RT NEWS wonder why they're not reporting it see this is why I don't believe fake news when we got people like this going out there on the field seeing what's going on fake news won't tell the truth RT NEWS is founded by the Russian government and they just make up shit all day long more people need to report news like this to get the truth out I hope everyone in Ukraine is safe y'all have my respect coming from the USA God bless you all be safe Brothers.
Aleksandr Bakman
I am from Donetsk. We all speak Russian and Ukrainian there in the border regions on both sides of the border between Russia and Ukraine. Just like Irish and English in Northern Ireland, or French and German in Elzats.

The only solution is to remove border. But that takes some brain.
Matthew Wagner
But the US wont help the Ukrainian.what the Hell....
Chris Iman
Reminds me of Bosnia, minus the mountains.
Russia has gone too far
Riska Dwitary
In real life death to 2-7 people / soldier , to hold up the line but in game it need million of man power and not wonder they are respawning in hospital or barracks .
Kenway Dante
dead russian man is a good russian man.and so is green bitches muslim
Gene Panasenko
Nolan Peterson is excellent! Another Remarkable report from the front lines!
Odd Penguin
Randy Ward
Why are the comments on the regular Daily Signal done through Face Book, which is very liberal? Why not Discus?
Ukraine has vast natural gas reserves
Rusty D
There is NO allied Seperatist/ Russian forces.
I'm a grown man . I saw a lot of things in my life and even at my mother's death i did not cry .I stood sad , no tears , just so she can see that i'm a grown man ..i was 17 years old then . But for DANIEL , i cry . I cannot stop my tears . May God take care of his soul . I feel so sad right now's like i lost my brother. He was to young to die. It seams the separatist's ...don't want a ceassifre . It is now clear for me . The only thing they like is maybe for the world to become slaves in the comunist regime ...that it looks like is showing his face. Daniel ....REST IN PEACE ....friend.
Sarah Daniels
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Ukraine Gun Battle Caught On Camera This Is What the Ukraine War Looks 1 day ago   07:53

Sky News has obtained footage of a prolonged gun battle between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government troops in the town of Debaltseve. It was shot by a television crew who were with rebel forces and interviewing a POW when the fighting began.

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