Germany debates over prenatal What the first photograph of a black 2 days ago   07:27

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In Germany, attention is focusing on a prenatal blood test that can leave expectant mothers facing a moral dilemma. That test determines whether an unborn child has Down syndrome (also known as trisomy 21). Now the German Parliament is debating whether the fetal test should be covered by public health insurance. Although genetic testing has been around for years, the payment issue has triggered a deeper debate about society's acceptance of children with genetic defects. Associations for people with disabilities are strongly opposed. They say this sends a signal that people with Down syndrome are unwanted.

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People should be able to kill fetuses, if they so chooses it.
Michael Huynh
I'm sorry, it must be very difficult to raise an intellectually disabled child.
Germans killing people in large numbers for genetic inferiority...I’m shocked I tell you. Absolutely shocked.
Kauê Moura
It's the prerogative of the parents.
Lady Bird
She is so brave....
Jost Schwider
That's so simple:
Birth is an absolutely private thing - so only the parents can decide about it!
Bread and Wine Ministry News
But how many of these diagnosis's are correct? My sister was told her baby had downs syndrome and she had him anyway and he was fine....perfectly normal baby. To me this is wrong, it is murder.

One of my favorite customers to the deli I worked at was a down's syndrome boy. He was so sweet and his whole family just loved him.

Life should be cherished and respected and held as sacred and esteemed. Life and death of a person, child or adult, should not be based on financial situations or words like 'comfort' or 'easy'.

Where do we go from here? Is it easy to take care of grandma or grandpa? Are the homeless a pest? Are the kids too noisy and rebellious?

When we stop respecting life what is left to respect in society?
philip dias
Would also go for an abortion as well. No defective kids.
5:18 I concur!
senhor Porto
its ethical to abort
It’s not just about the burden a special need child would put on the parents but also about happiness of that child. We live in a hateful world where people thrive upon hurting others for minute differences. Life for such adults(ones suffering for any sort of genetic ailment) is painful af. I think it’s generous thing to abort than allowing these people to suffer and then commit suicide. I was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 13, but it’s wasn’t the cancer that hurt me the most but rather these horrible people around me. I’m perfectly healthy now, except for severe depression. I guess I would be more happy if cancer had killed me. So please abort than making your child go through all those painful experiences that will haunt them for the rest of their life.
Anagha Shyam
People with Down Syndrome or any other such syndromes who have been born are humans and are wanted and must be provided for by the society but an unborn child with any of the syndrome (or without any syndrome) is the sole responsibility of the parents in question and they''re capabilities and limitations, I think. (Meaning, society CANNOT impose abortion restriction like medieval or even in some countries current times)
The fact that there is so much in the natural aspect of life society can't control and is innately acted upon in a manner of variation: thus bargains a question of isn't it hypocritical to attempt to control what society can control yet doesn't have the rights to?
This reminds me of the Gattaca Movie of 1997🔬
Ring Dave
Evolution has been proven true. Humans do not have a soul. The Religious argument against abortion is Fake, fantasy.
The natural process of Evolution, is not perfect. the Random nature of gene combination is just that Random and mistakes, defects are common.
Humans must contribute to society, and not be a life long financial burden.
Ring Dave
Abortion is a good thing. Medical choice. Maybe sometime in the future a Genetic treatment will be possible for Down syndrome.
Knowingly bringing a Down syndrome baby into the World is a BAD choice. Bad for society, bad for the family, bad for society, bad for the Child.
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What the first photograph of a black Germany debates over prenatal 2 days ago   06:58

A black hole is a cosmic abyss with gravity of such intensity that nothing, not even light, escapes it. Now, for the first time, a team of astronomers has released an image of the space anomaly, which is created when a star collapses. Professor Brian Greene of Columbia University and the World Science Festival provides context and talks to Judy Woodruff about this scientific breakthrough.

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