Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight In Ukrainian German Soldiers in Firefight (Afghanistan) 1 day ago   06:25

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Ronaldo Mota
Well i guess those 2 best friends are dead by now
Derro Farm
Cheap ammo?
vova perdov
Один хэрой воюет пока остальные по блиндажам бухие и наколотые валяются
João Dekker
Slava Ukraine!
Greetings from Brazil!
Natiq Abdullayev
Press F to take the AK47 with optic sight , Damn it likes Call of duty
Yan Miranda
nice graphics hahahaha
Breeze music
When you have a PC Running 10K Graphics and playing BattleField
D to B ratio
Gotta love machineguns
mike zoyhofski
Little two man army they got going on
dead rat
I don't see the enemy
Can somone explain to me why this conflict is occurring without a bias opinion?
John Smith
Nice job sweeping your buddy...
What are u shooting?fire supprot?
Manal Amr
Blue Brix Productions
This guy uses tracer rounds, i like it
Dawn Quade
Is it just me or did not like the sound of the ak the *ting ting*
Omer Erdem
So you think its a game right
Azis Malik
buang2 peluru bgst, bukanya flank
Ste men
To yall fucking yokers search this website good luck to many gore shit in there
The morale was horrid. Maybe you shouldn't be trying to exterminate people that are fighting to save their very own families and their life-long friends.
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German Soldiers in Firefight (Afghanistan) Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight In Ukrainian 1 day ago   04:51

German Forces in intense firefight (Afghanistan) 2010

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