Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight In Ukrainian [eng subs] "Vostok" brigade 2 days ago   06:25

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Dutch WolfLord
Why does this guy have an American Flag Patch on his uniform? You can see it around 5:50 at the bottom right corner on his uniform after he throws away the rocket launcher. Do alot of these guys just wear random patches?
Kinda scary to think there are still wars going on in Europe I mean ffs we have been going at for millennia!
cadlac 059
Cool calm and collected
Wrex 1
Do they not carry mags on them in the trenches or they take it from the box in case they need the ones on them?
Shoudday Cha
Oh! 0:52. Ak myth busted! Take that Internet Ak Commando fan boys! Oh wait...this is their excuse..."Oh! He wasn't using an real Ak47!" Right? Right?
უფალო შემიწყალე
Why do modern war clips always look the same? A few fighters firing into the distance, nothing coming back, or confirming hits. Is war even real now?
Jimmy pizza pie
It seems kinda calm if you take away the chance of death. Just shooting at noting almost, speaking only when necessary, Semi hasty movements, a lot of quiet nature too.
He is probably using a ak 74 knock off of ak47
Alex Noel Pause
Omg that Guy is a savage
Γεώργιος Ταβλάς
0:28 what weapon is he using?
is this shit real?!
it loooks like escape from tarkov :P hahah
jimmy vahviala
dont like at all that there is war in 2018 in ukraine, but anyhow, what the heck are you lobbing bollets at!? seen quite alot of clips from this terrible war, and everybody seems to just launch bullets in tonnes out in nowhere
would not wanna start a brawl with them
Avery Matisons
Who are they fighting?

To me it looks like training
Gafferboycommon PC
It’s horrible to think these men and men like them have to fight against other people to the death
Davide Cosentino
Viva i bianchi fanculo i neriii
So sad people forget about Ukraine’s struggle like the un nato everyone just forgot and don’t help it’s bullshit I’m a American and saying this I’m sad the world left you on your own
0:54 holy shit a ak jams that’s a first
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[eng subs] "Vostok" brigade Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight In Ukrainian 2 days ago   17:57


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