Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight In Ukrainian War in Ukraine, Part 14 (Operations) | History 2 days ago   06:25

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Omer Erdem
So you think its a game right
Azis Malik
buang2 peluru bgst, bukanya flank
Ste men
To yall fucking yokers search this website good luck to many gore shit in there
The morale was horrid. Maybe you shouldn't be trying to exterminate people that are fighting to save their very own families and their life-long friends.
Reminds me of the Frontline from Metro 2033
Good job comrade.
Mrs S
Bf 4 in maximum
Vladimir Lennin
Guys let me handle this
ребята, дайте мне справиться с этим
is this an ukrainian position on a video or russian one?
wow nice , what game is this?
Jiten Borgoyari
I can see muzzle flashes
Jacob Buxton
This is surreal
M44DL Mustang 5.0
This guy is a good NCO convinces draftees to.fight mans all firing positions makes sure suppression goes out and motivates his men and stays level headed the whole time respect
Robert Shaffer
This guy is the Rambo of the Pro Ukrainians
Hajrá ukrajna!!slava ukraina!!
azul azules
Never been to war or anything but, I think there is no return fire and nothing around them seem damaged or bullets hitting trees or casings. Seems like they are the only ones, like some kind of training or film making.
Donbass the best
Hey Dude
Fucking Russians leave Ukraine alone 🇺🇦
X-man Polska
To this stupid bithes they are fighting for real and its not funny it's not cod or bf it's real war.
아무데나 막 쏴대는구만. 저게 무슨 효과가 있나?
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War in Ukraine, Part 14 (Operations) | History Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight In Ukrainian 2 days ago   19:56

Over the entire duration of the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas, not a single unit took part in any operation fully staffed. The shortage of manpower and vehicles forced the Ukrainian command to spread out its forces. Losses and breakdowns forced them to fight with what they had rather than what they should have had according to official documents. Combined units were being used everywhere. Any of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could simultaneously be present both in the ATO zone and, for example, outside of it, on the border with Transnistria.
This is the fourteenth episode of the series “About the ATO - The History of War.” We are trying to understand the course of the anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine, its causes and effects. What does Russia have to do with it? And how the aggression of Russia against Ukraine could pose a threat to Europe.
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