Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight In Ukrainian ⚡ Donbass Sniper Deki on the war frontline 1 day ago   06:25

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jeff schnablegger
Rips 1000 Rounds through 3 different Machine guns and No Problem. Gonna launch a LAW Rocket? Better put my hearing protection in. Lol
is this an ukrainian position on a video or russian one?
wow nice , what game is this?
Jiten Borgoyari
I can see muzzle flashes
Jacob Buxton
This is surreal
M44DL Mustang 5.0
This guy is a good NCO convinces draftees to.fight mans all firing positions makes sure suppression goes out and motivates his men and stays level headed the whole time respect
Robert Shaffer
This guy is the Rambo of the Pro Ukrainians
Hajrá ukrajna!!slava ukraina!!
azul azules
Never been to war or anything but, I think there is no return fire and nothing around them seem damaged or bullets hitting trees or casings. Seems like they are the only ones, like some kind of training or film making.
Donbass the best
Hey Dude
Fucking Russians leave Ukraine alone 🇺🇦
X-man Polska
To this stupid bithes they are fighting for real and its not funny it's not cod or bf it's real war.
아무데나 막 쏴대는구만. 저게 무슨 효과가 있나?
Oz Lopez
shooting multi different guns to make it seem like more ppl.
Shape Reinhardt
These guys in a cease fire line, they get bored and start firing to keep their selves entertained...there is no REAL actual clashes happening.
Arma 3 in a nutshell
Angelo Bovara
Thought i heard return fire at least once. If someone is shooting back it appears both sides are ez targets IF someone aims and has an accurate rifle.
1 good shooter with 1 good rifle with optics and a spotter could quiet thing down real quick.
Delivering fires in the general direction aint gonna get it.
And how about a little muzzel disapline!
4:20 whats the heavy machine guns name
Wood Duck
Only two people? What country puts two people in a trench
They are just busting different guns randomly not really aiming at nothin
Picks up a rocket launcher
Shoots it like who gives a fuck where this shit lands
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⚡ Donbass Sniper Deki on the war frontline Ukraine War Helmet Cam Firefight In Ukrainian 1 day ago   16:50

On the frontlines of war in Donbass today.

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