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100% renewable energy - El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, wants to be the world's first island to cover its energy needs without fossil fuels. Even so, 60% of its electricity still comes from its conventional generating station.

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Scottish Scientist
The El Hierro GdV wind turbines are under-powered by a factor of 7 compared to what will be needed for a successful system design to achieve 24/7/52 100% renewable on demand power.
The recommendation is that additional wind turbines be installed to a total capacity of 80MW.
Kathryn West
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Shanta Hsieh
On the Avasva you can count on professional help with problems and technical support.
james hamilton
King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project
Alternative Facts Survivor
Super fishy, obviously that those fossil fuel #$% rigged.
Ed Harley
What a scenic place to throw away money.
Jason Kvasnak
Smaller vertical axis turbines would work for closer on site production.
Bruno Hoffmann
Tesla power Banks!
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German town goes all in on renewable Renewable energy on El Hierro | DW English 12 months ago   04:54

A small community near Berlin is getting a lot of attention for being fully powered by renewable energy. There's no coal or gas, but plenty of turbines.

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