MARTIN: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED Best of Martin Shenenehs [PT 4] 1 day ago   08:55

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Lo Marter Productions
Well done!
Lex Monet
They had a affair wow that’s crazy
Rock Bone
Tisha Campbell is a transgender. Check her out now.
malik hawkins
the good ol time's!
Big Dro
Nobody would even know who Tisha Campbell (Gina) without *Martin* 🤷🏾‍♂️
Mr Cole Jackson
Naomi King
We need more Black sitcoms like this back in the day, I miss shows like this! I would've thought Inliving Color would made a comeback and Martin too.
Ch Da
Tichina always said she never felt she was in the middle. I'm a fan of all three. I mean...this story is interesting. I'm glad they worked it out. That's awesome.
Black Namekian
Pam always looked better than Gina
Low key..I was hoping they would just replace Gina with another Gina. Like aunt viv.. Ijs
nicole george
Illuminati confirmed @2:19 👺
Sydney foote
Who cares
Dylan Maldonado
Loved this show
Jesse Richardson
What's the instrumental in the back round
Virtual Reality Study
So it's confirmed....they did have an affair. Makes sense, their on screen chemistry was JUST a lil too real!
BleSs520! sol kid
I still watch MARTIN
Antonnie T
I miss the show Martin.
Michelle Hope
I thumbs Down this video because of the jab that you made towards the Cosby show! Very coonish
Jossiah efron
Hands down there is no show better #PERIODTTT
C Smers
No other show on earth brought me more joy than Martin! One LOVE
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Best of Martin Shenenehs [PT 4] MARTIN: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED 1 day ago   12:03

This is a special feature Martin from All the seasons and they mixed in some scenes. Martin's CRAZY neighbor across the hall...Sheneneh!! Hilarious, you will Enjoy this.

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