MARTIN: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED Will Smith puts his wife 1 day ago   08:55

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Stephen Johnson
Good man
Martin told his WHOLE side of the story.. And I really Believe it.. There is Much Much more to this story.. That has to do with the Powers That Be. They Played a Major Roll in Martin's Outburst.. Or waving a 🔫 in the street screaming "They Tryna Kill Me!!!"
It's true.. They were. He wasn't going a "Mental Breakdown" they put that Jacket on EVERY Celebrity that Resist.. Or try to fight back.💁💁💁
sonya mabeya
Lies they never had mess around tf
charles walkes
Didn't know Martin was fighting some serious demons
rod brown
cosby was a sculpted version of blackness? there are no college grads that marry, while black? Someone needs to tell that to all my cousins.
rod brown
what are "artisis?" THIS IS WHY I FEEL I NEED A BETTER JOB! @8:22
itz Roslynworld
My ten year old son knows all episodes lol THATS STILL MY SHIT
norcal savage
Didn't pam and gina also play significant roles in little shop of horrorS?..

1986 flick..was a play made into a 🎥
I am the universe of all music
I didn't like the fact that Martin💩 was picking on Pam, and calling her all those derogatory 😡names.
I lost🙄 interest in the show because of it. Not funny at all. WTF💩 Fuck Martin, and that show😤😈👿👹
Kieyanna Moman
I still Live Martin!!!
Dingfelder Smurfalot
Not a good guy.
I still watch this everyday LLTOMMY My Boy Got Hired By GOD 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Omni J.
Why Patricia look like Tisha Campbell though????
Tichina Arnold is Beautiful in my opinion.
ninqi ogagun
Apparently tisha left because he apparently kissed her with tongue
He said he was soft and years that soft ass niggas known to mess around sexually with Will Smith lmao Martin was right lmao
Jesse Logan
Jade Jester
martin was on that shit 😂 no cap
Gody X
He wasn't "obsessed " with Gina..they had a DOPE version of black love....
What ever happened to the re-boot? Only the rumors about it
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Will Smith puts his wife MARTIN: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED 1 day ago   06:12

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