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For three decades, North Macedonia and Greece have fought over which name Greece's neighbour would adopt, and its claim to Alexander the Great as its national hero.
During that time, their economic ties have quietly grown.
Now that political issues have been laid to rest, the two countries are discovering that a close economic relationship could be the basis for a future friendship.
Al Jazeera's John Psaropoulos reports from Skopje.

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FilipDimitrov 0987
Listen we north macedonians dont think were greek were slavs lol. I dont know why everybody claims that we think that we are greek lol. And personally i love greece such a pretty nation. Prekrasna drzava.
Hellas NS Nationalist
North of Macedonia!
not northern Macedonia.
Igor Spirovski
Grek ist arabik Not evropjana
Macedonia one and only for the Macedonians time for these Greek thieves to give the land back that they stole from the Macedonians half of Greece belongs to Macedonia
John G
it boils down to one thing it was always about identity theft. In the end they have to accept what they are they are Slavs and they have no direct bloodline Alexander
Landon Thomas
This makes Macedonia look a lot nicer than I thought it would be.
Son of Hetfield
Македонија на македонците
I think Greeks should move to North Macedonia and just spread the Greek language.
dae lu
so the poor bankrupt greece opposing something irrelevant? starving and die if you wish
Tonight The Night
Make North Macedonia West Bulgaria again ! АМИН !!!
Macedonian Warrior
Костадин Костадинов
South Makedonia is in Bulgeria Again so ???? 😂 why ""north '' just call this country Bulgeria or Grece
greeks are welcome to macedonia , we have good dentists that are the cheapest in europe and asia . shopping is cheap and monthly salary is less than a greek pension . if greek businesses are smart they will move over to macedonia . like the lady said in greece you would to go to different departments and they will send you all over the place and the quality is much better in macedonia .
Finally a Macedonian Disneyland
Ivan Kasky
Modern Macedonians are former ethnic bulgarians who speak a bulgarian linguistic continuum , have bulgaroserbian names, appearance, toponyms and are brainwashed to the bone! They are the only ones with tdifferent history in all balkan region! ahhahahah!
Dimitris Mythos
The dependency of FYROM (North Macedonia) on Greece was/is huge. Yet they've been performing cultural and historical theft for decades.
The dentist in the video is one of many thousands in North Macedonia that are descendants of Greeks who as children were abducted by the communists during the Greek civil war and brought up in Yugoslavia. One could say that these people are 'slavicised' Macedonians. Obviously the other Slavs of North Macedonia have no relation to Macedonia proper (i.e. ancient Macedonia).
Wow they been like rivals

-an American that actually cares about this world
Panos K.
Let's see... in the near future will they accept to speak Greek as an only way to be connected with Makedonia (not Makedonija) and its past...?
I hope now the Greeks from South Macedonia let them live without blocking everything
John Carr
Greece annexed about half of Macedonia in 1912-13. Many ethnic Macedonians were expelled in the process. In 1921-1922, hundreds of thousands of Greek refugees fleeing genocide in Ottoman Turkey were settled in this part of Macedonia, dramatically changing its ethnic makeup. The remaining Macedonians were subjected to multiple cultural and linguistic restrictions. Many were again deported during the Greek Civil War. When Yugoslavia's disintegration led to Macedonia's independence, Greece officially launched a national myth that everything Macedonian is Greek and started punishing independent Macedonia for being its humble self. The renaming of Macedonia under the Prespa treaty is illegal and undemocratic. Greece still denies the existence of ethnic Macedonians anywhere in the world.
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Kashmir crisis: Residents unable 🇲🇰 🇬🇷 North Macedonia, 2 days ago   02:52

The blocking of trade between India and Pakistan is having an impact on Kashmiris on both sides of the border.
Al Jazeera's Osama Bin Javaid reports from Chakothi near the Line of Control which divides Indian and Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

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