Mocking Up Our ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE Turbo Truck Finnegan's Garage Ep.65: The Biggest 2 days ago   18:32

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This was a lot of fun! So Many ideas its like wrangling a herd of cats! We are definitely going to need some help from you guys to get this thing done! We are gathering parts and Gaining support day by day! This does take a bunch of time and resources, sometimes it pays to be a hoarder!! I can't wait to get it together and be tearing up the streets! LOJ just sent me the renderings of the adapter a bit too late to make it to this video but it is SICK!! What do you guys think of a Dale truck showdown?
We haven't abandoned Uncle Sam the motor is being built as we speak!
More stuff coming up til the legend and the LS3 Miata!

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Don't know if this will ever be seen or not. Hopefully it will as I have done some research of my own for a good and strong true AWD transfer case design. Honestly, there is not really all that much to choose from out there. HOWEVER, there does seem to be one I know of that should survive 1,000+ HP and live a long life in a light vehicle like the S10 here. The NV149. The neat thing about this design is that it is a true and proper AWD design that does not have an open center diff. It uses a viscous coupling to do torque biasing of around 40 front and 60 rear. Once wheel slippage happens it will send more power front or rear as needed typically getting really close to true 50/50 split. Even better is the fact it is all mechanical. No electronic control to worry about. There are people out there who do offer a few upgrades to help it handle more power. I'm not sure what manual you plan to run but if you decide to go with a Tremec 6 speed like a T56 or even a Magnum there is the RSG built TR6060 with a 4x4 tail housing for bolting to a transfer case. I'm sure you know the TR6060 is basically the OEM style of the Tremec Magnum 6 speed so that could be a good option. RSG TR6060 and slap a NV149 behind it. Do some upgrades to the shafts and gears in both and you will have combo that can easily withstand 1,000+ HP boosted launches you will be doing with that LT1. Drop the clutch and watch all 4 tires light up.

Just thought I would provide what I found out from my own research for a pet project I want to do one day. (2006 Chevrolet 1500 2 door shortbed truck with a 1,000 HP supercharged engine, 6 speed stick, and AWD. I know. Blower will rob power if I ever do it but I rather have instant boost once I get back on the throttle rather than wait a few milliseconds for turbo lag.)

EDIT: Did some looking around on the net and found that Rigid Axle has all sorts of parts and upgrades for the NV/ NP 149 case. Give them a look if you decide to use that case.
J Bettis
This is gonna be badass man!! I’m following this build!
Mohammed Hamiduddin
these are Symmetrical Turbochargers
that s10 on air ride would be absolutely stunning with the wide stance you guys have amazing choice in cars/pickup i really look forward to seeing this complete plus i have a few design ideas for the headlights and grille that would set it off
all the best guys keep the content rolling
Hydro-Boost or electric booster would save a SHIT TON of space...
Thankyou for explaining in a way someone who doesn't do this for a living or hobby can understand.
Reckless Gaming
Clinchedflares will help you
i rendered up something that looks like what you are aiming for in the s-10 group on facebook. i compared it to another rendering of a dastun truck from 3DMagicMike i tried the fenders on the 95 and 85 body style. if you want i can send you the images i made
Dirty D's RC
I like it.
MJM’s Workshop
Need to find a 4x4 s10 frame to swap under it.
Kirk Armstrong
that is a 69 or 70 c10
Austin Ping
You can get a rocket bunny type flare from duraflex I believe for about 1200, way cheaper then actually getting it name brand, still looks good but may require some work to look perfect
Joe Hay Tyler
Awesome man sorta the same as I’m doing but mines Nissan and rb powered haha. Can’t wait to see it ripπŸ‘πŸ‘
Peter Pan
Why don’t you make it a mid engine?πŸ§πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Jimmy Thing
Name that truck Ed more sugar lmao
gary allen
Liked for the men in black reference. Truck looks great.
dark metallic green and call it 'snot rocket'
Kris Marshall
Man, this is gonna be bad ass when it's done. I can't wait to see how it turns out on the track!
nathan plath
Hydro brake setup will give u little more room
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Finnegan's Garage Ep.65: The Biggest Mocking Up Our ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE Turbo Truck 2 days ago   25:37

This is it, the fourth installment of an incredible cross-country road trip to race Jon Chase at the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California. Yeah, you probably already know the outcome of this race because it happened weeks ago and there's plenty of videos from the Hoonigans, Motor Trend, TheCraig909, FourSpeedFilms etc, but this is the tale from my point of view.

I'm picking up the road trip to the race as we prepare to leave The Horsepower Connection in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We finished dyno-testing Blasphemi and although it would not stop leaking water from the cylinder heads into the crankcase, it did put 1,070hp to the tires. To prevent making a motor milkshake during the event we decided to drain the water out of the engine and only run it long enough to race down the track.

The new ramp truck, Square Force 1, was running great but only getting about 5.5 mpg and we wanted to know why. Sure, it's loaded down with Blasphemi, my tools, boxes of t-shirts and is pretty much a 14,000 lb brick pushing through the wind, but we still wanted to know how the 454 V8 engine was running. So David Newbern, Mike Cotten and I, along with Steve Darnell and Merlon Johnson from Welderup, decided to install a Holley Wideband O2 sensor and custom gauge to see the air/fuel ratio of the engine in real-time.

Here is a link to the gauge we installed:

Since we weren't at home in my garage we brought along the portable Miller Welder Multimatic 220 AC/DC MIG/TIG/Stick welder. You've seen this machine on my channel before and it's become my go-to welder because I frequently switch from MIG to TIG welding without having to disconnect the torch or gun and I can leave both the pure argon and argon/co2 mix bottles connected to the machine. It really saves time. Here's a link to more info on that welder:

I also brought along the Miller Fusion 160 generator/stick welder for a couple of reasons: first off, the new ramp truck isn't that reliable and I figured at some point during this 5,300 mile trip we'd brake down in the dark somewhere and it would be nice to have a generator for power. We also relied on the 6,500 watts of electrical output to run all of the electric items in our racing pit. The Fusion 160 powered our battery charger, the lights in Square Force 1, the Multimatic 220 and a four-inch angle grinder without any issue.

Here's a link to more info on the Fusion 160:

When it came time to MIG weld the O2 sensor bug into the exhaust system of the ramp truck we simply connected the Multimatic 220 to the Fusion 160, hit the electric start switch on the generator, and were off and welding in no time. It really is a great combination of portability and welding power!

The wideband sensor and gauge revealed that the engine was running perfectly and there was very little room to improve its tuneup for better mileage.It also revealed a small exhaust leak when the engine was idling that falsely gave us a lean air/fuel ratio. Once the engine was above idle and there was sufficient exhaust speed the leak went away and the gauge read normally and indicated the 454 was operating an an efficient 14.5:1 air/fuel ratio. If we keep searching for better fuel economy we may have to look into an overdrive transmission or diesel-swap the truck like the we did to the Roadkill ramp truck.

Anyway, we made it to Pomona on-time and sleepy. Since I hadn't driven the car since 2018 and the engine, shifter, fuel system and ignition were all brand-new, we chose to make a couple of test passes before racing started. The first pass resulted in a massive wheelie! The second pass yielded the best ET I've ever ran; 8.68 at 160 mph! When it came time to race Jon Chase, the car ran just long enough to get the job done and then the Hemi quit on me. It's currently out of the car for an autopsy to find the reason for the water leak and see if we did any other damage.

Now that this trip and race are over we are going to switch gears and get back to work on the OG Roadkill Ramp Truck, the twin turbo Jet Boat, and m '67 C10. Look for an update on the ramp truck's broken rear axle in episode 66!

and if you'd like to support this channel and my bad decisions involving cars the please cop a hoodie, a shirt, a hat or some stickers here:

thanks for the support!


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