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Dave Chappelle's Sticks and Stones Netflix Special has done all it set out to do. Entertain and trigger the Access Media. He's not the only comedian who has done this though the consequences were very different. Unfortunately we return to the irrelevant Rotten Tomatoes to show the bias in the Access Media and the Entertainment Industry over all.
Live Stream with 1/4 Black Garrett: https://ufl.ae/videow/rg4g5n5dFC4
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Jayson Black
While I didn't agree with the last video I watched of yours, I whole heatedly agree with you on this. Well said, sir.
Greg K
I just found your channel and I agree 100%!
I don't know exactly when this wimpy PC mindset infested the western society but it is really no different than *Cancer* that can show up in the body. If left untreated it will lead to death!
I don't believe Dave Chappelle or any one comedian can eradicate this cancer on society but hopefully he can be like a dose of chemo that helps get the process of fighting this cancer start!
While I understand where u come from but compare Stephen Crowder homophonic so called targeting another gay journalist he has personal beef with and Crowder used that to broadcast his right wing agenda against the leftis gay Latin journalist, comparing all that with Dave Chappelle is absolutely ridiculous and shallow to say the least, you are comparing apples with “rotten tomatoes”...pun intended, .. and there where you lost your argument.
Rotten tomatoes is garbage but the fear of "PC culture" is horseshit, society goes through changes and what was acceptable at one time is no longer acceptable now. The people who seem to cry about it the most seem to be white dudes....
tele vision
Steven Crowder is a turd, why are you giving him fame.
Joel Villarreal
After this, Dave should have his own talk show
Anon YMouse
Jesus fucking Christ, ITS 13 REVIEWS, THIRTEEN. This channel is a prime example of outrage culture. Take something small and blow it out of proportion. Fuck. Off. Just as bad as SJWs.
There’s a find line between humour and disrespectful and dave never crosses that line he is a genius I’ve seen people try to be funny but they display nasty racist attitudes and everything negative dave always makes good points
Toan Ho
I just watched this show. I find good. Seems like their action is having the opposite effect. I would have ignored it except for all these videos.
Steven Crowder is a corny white supremacist Canadian, how dare you compare him a real comedian.
Ok? does that mean should I take all your likes as irrelevant I'm pretty sure your one of those Anti-SJW that hates everyone so why should take anything you say with a grain of salt Dave Chapelle deserves more rotten tomatoes because he is a transphobe probably the reason why no gives enough rotten tomatoes because no one gives enough shits about him.
Melo Ali
We need to laugh together more.
Steven Crowder and comedy not really.
Donald Johnson
It's very funny...(not funny Haha but funny fopa) none of these white people or alphabet mafia members had any problems with the Dave Chappelle Tyrone Biggums skits.

👉🏾As long as he was making fun of Black people and their drug issues and other misfortunes he's a comedy genius.

Yeah...it's all funny as long as the joke's not about YOU. So if you're offended....like Dave Chappelle said "I DON'T CARE EITHER!"
Jay Gee
What the fuck is it with the googly eyes? Do you .... ha.. I almost wrote "do you think?" You obviously don't. what enters that one-pound mass of refried beans in your head that you call a "brain" gary? that doesn't present any credibility beyond what a ten-year-old angry fanboy might have... might.
Hugh Griffin
The mainstream media, as the most prominent purveyors of biased swill, are continually working to manufacture consent. They are going the way of dinosaurs and only survive because of corporate funding. Their demise can't happen quickly enough.
Jo Ba
Hi from England
The same thing is happening over here with our comedy. Most of our comedians tend to be cowards, making sure that they don’t offend anyone. They don’t seem to care anymore about their craft, just their bank balance. British comedy was always about the absurd - think Monty Python. Now we have to watch comedy by numbers. Not one mainstream comedian who appears regularly on any TV channel is pro-Brexit for example. Dave Chapelle is one of the few brave comedians out there. He realizes that comedy is an art. He is true to himself and his beliefs. Good comedy should make you squirm in your seat uncomfortably as well as make you laugh. Don’t like the comparison with Steven Chowder though. SC is a twat, and hides behind the ‘everyone is an SJW’ shield to push his nasty agenda. BTW, RT is not worth 5 minutes of anyone’s time. Sold out a long time ago.
Rick Long
If you're offended by gay jokes then stop sucking cock. Dave rags on everyone.
The difference being that Dave Chappelle is likable, where as Crowder isn't lol
Daenerys Stormborn 5
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