Warriors At Rockets Game 6: Was The Chris Everybody HATES Chris Paul 2 days ago   09:46

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After the Warriors defeated the Rockets in Game 6 to advance to the Western Conference Finals, a lot of questions surround the Houston Rockets team. Find out what went wrong in last night's game and what their future looks like.
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Those teams who won multiple titles, i.e. a dynasty, in the NBA in the past 30 years always moved the ball around. Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Golden State Warriors. Those teams who do not move the ball well never comes close to building a dynasty.
Ofc it was a mistake because they lose smh
Chris Paul should take less and get back those clippers players.
Fine Wine Daily
The Rockets effectively went toe to toe with one of the all-time super teams two straight years. And with a less talented group of players. It's hard to criticize their coaching and GM decisions just because they ran into the Warriors.
John Rafael Sytin
well Lou montrezl Danilo and pat bev wouldn't of fitted as well with Harden, but if harden changed his iso game a bit then the rockets would've been way better with the core they traded for paul
jeremy balsley
Bringing in the near retirement vet to win now rarely pays off, especially in the NBA.
teebone 21
Garbage trade
Correction. Durant is not GS best player.
Kori Jenkins
It's really not about "is it the best way to do things"

The Warriors are the best team EVER assembled. They can lose one of their best players and still be at least as good as every other NBA team. The Rockets are the 2nd best team in the league. Nobody argues that. They were assembled without a particularly great draft, old vets, and niche players.

To say "their way is proven to not work" is ignorant of the fact that only 1 out of 29 NBA teams have beaten the Warriors in a series at all (and it was before KD) and also ignorant of all the other teams they've beaten in recent years.

To the naysayers, I ask this? Where is your team? They've either lost already, or they're on the way to doing so (Blazers)
Big Travis
Seem like Paul has been overrated for years and was well past his prime when Houston signed him
I love the way this guy breaks down and explains the game.
Christopher Thomas
Kobe said it's james harding not chris paul chris still has a role to play even being a star
Team Pangaliman
The real question is, is Chris Paul the problem for rockets. Now he could be scoring & making plays but does he have the right mentality? We all know he a snake. Stabs you in the back as soon as he gets a chance. I honestly think that CP doesn’t have chemistry with his teammates. He just wants to win... what’s my point here? Idk lol I just hate CP3. But I love how he keeps choking. 😂😂.
Curtis Barlow
If the Rockets stop flopping and ball smart defense they have a chance
Rockets need to stop playing cheap tactics, flopping, head snapping back, leg kicking, arm grabbing to gain advantage on calls and just play basketball. High IQ basketball not cheap tactics.
Sam M
Gallinari was not part of the Chris Paul trade.
Yes 40 million for a guy that will be 38
Jason Turner
The trade? Nope. The huge extension? Yes.
JoeJoe Mz
The trade is ok, the overpayment is not!!😛
Ricky Tyson
You added a choker to a bunch of other chokers
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Everybody HATES Chris Paul Warriors At Rockets Game 6: Was The Chris 2 days ago   03:59

They probably hate him coz he flops a lot... jk

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