Warriors At Rockets Game 6: Was The Chris 库里末节主宰比赛险胜火箭队晋级西部决赛 NBA季后赛 2 days ago   09:46

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After the Warriors defeated the Rockets in Game 6 to advance to the Western Conference Finals, a lot of questions surround the Houston Rockets team. Find out what went wrong in last night's game and what their future looks like.
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Before the video starts: Yes, yes it was, but they got Westbrick because of him so, kinda?
rippetoe 38
And............ he's in OKC.
Beaux Dup
Dantoni is a good coach just never will be great, his subs are bad and minute management is subpar, and he just watches his good players do what they want, then defend them at all cost, they looked uninterested in winning the series as a team!
Mike Ma
This is not new spurs playstyle is always the receipt to follow ball movement.
Johnny Boy
were you a mistake ? oh wait yes you are
C Dio00426
Team basketball and especially team defence is what wins games look no further than the 2004 pistons
Debo Datta
Lou Williams +Patrick Beaverly +Montress >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chris Paul
Fredrick Price
CP3 is overrated..
Greg Homan
Good as CP3 is, Clippers won that trade hands down. Among others, they got Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley, and Montrezl Harrell from Houston.
Kirby Le
If Harden and CP3 play better off ball, they have a chance. Harden literally just stands still at the three if he doesn't have the ball.
Danny Hendrix
7:56 lol travel
Pyroman /
Harden is to worried about getting fouls called lets it get to him and he gets flustered look at kawhi you rarely see him say a word to the refs he just puts his head Down plays threw the contact and let's his coach talk to the refs
Antonio Kim
No getting the All-State insurance after watching Chris Paul and James Harden was a mistake. Should had trusted them and got the State-Farm smh 🤦‍♂️
Zac R
That payment was inevitable after trading for him. Why would they have traded and let him go in free agency. They gave way too much for Paul
Check out that subtle dig bballbreakdown threw in with that clip from 5:52-5:56. Doc Rivers laughing, lol.
Dracula the jive talkin disco ball
Refs no no no...
Can't spell Houston without H. O.
David Paulo
Team basketball built on trust, energy and chemistry prevailed. Compare Warriors to the LeBron-led Lakers.
In an Silicon Valley esq scheme the Warriors knew the Rockets could get close if they make the right moves last year so they played with them for 7 games so the Rockets would hand out big contracts to all the wrong guys to lock themselves into a mediocrity team
Good job
Andre Silvestri
The amount of money was paul is not thats just to much to pay for 1 guy un less u harden curry durant Leonard giannas exc rockets need sf and length
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库里末节主宰比赛险胜火箭队晋级西部决赛 NBA季后赛 Warriors At Rockets Game 6: Was The Chris 2 days ago   04:46

库里末节主宰比赛险胜火箭队晋级西部决赛 NBA季后赛
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