Blippi Volcano and Dinosaur Song Blippi at an Amusement Park | Learning 2 days ago   06:37

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Blippi makes a volcano explode in this science for children video. The Blippi Dinosaur Song is also in this fun Blippi Volcano video. Blippi teaches about dinosaurs for children and volcanos for children. Doing the baking soda plus vinegar volcano science experiment is a fun way to learn about volcanos. Your child will also learn about the t-rex, stegosaurus, and triceratops and dinosaurs for kids. Watch more Blippi Toys like this science video for kids at

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Blippi at an Amusement Park | Learning Blippi Volcano and Dinosaur Song 2 days ago   06:08

Blippi rides the carnival rides at the amusement park. Learn colors and more with Blippi at the theme park. Blippi slides down the slide, flies on the airplane ride, and rides the roller coaster! To watch more Blippi videos educational videos for toddlers visit

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