Teach Kids Colors and Numbers Tayo Toto and Bongbong l Tayo 2 days ago   05:17

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Best Educational Toy for Kids: Learn with Tayo the Little Bus Pop up Surprise Pals! For this educational video we've got the super fun learning toy bus, Tayo Pop up Surprise Pals! This fun toy bus has tons of great educational features to keep your kid learning and engaged during this educational video. There are four pop up pals along the top row; each one activated by a different color button with a unique shape and method of pressing. There are ten numbered windows along one side of the bus that pop up to reveal one of Tayo the Little bus' friends. The other side has colorful mini bus sliders and a rotating dial that features animals, foods, colors, shapes, letters and more. It also has fun spinning gears that teach kids simple physics. And best of all this educational toy for kids plays music and sounds! The bus speaks Korean and will help your child understand some of the basics of a second language. Exposing your child to a second language has been shown to greatly improve language skills as children develop. Tayo the Little Bus Pop up surprise pals is one of the best educational toys that we've seen and we had so much fun playing with it and are very glad to be able to show you and your child in this educational video what a great toy it is.
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Tayo Toto and Bongbong l Tayo Teach Kids Colors and Numbers 2 days ago   33:00

Bongbong rides on Toto's tow hook for fun and oh no, Bongbong gets stuck to Toto as the pintle breaks. Toto, already late for school, has no other choice but to take Bongbong along with him. Nevertheless, Toto contstantly gets into troubles because of Bongbong.

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Chinese 🇨🇳 https://ufl.ae/profile/KS6lUfVuJtMUfFZRha2L1t4Q
German 🇩🇪 https://ufl.ae/profile/KSUZ5mXGLH2TBTFDaOY2OZMQ
Korean 🇰🇷 https://ufl.ae/profile/KSnKPmtigixk2yBGmtUU6u7

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