Epstein Death Sets Off Wild Raising the Kursk - SMIT Salvage 2 days ago   07:50

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Who had the most to gain from the death of Jeffrey Epstein? President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend to support an unfounded conspiracy theory that points a finger at one of his predecessors. #LSSC #Monologue #Colbert

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peter van
Seriously, how does Colbert sleep at night.
I sometimes cringe at the memory of some minor stupid thing I once said.
Colbert must toss and turn like a tornado gone mad.
Alexandria Musick
Bought and paid for by the same people who made up the "conspiracy theorist" term I conspire to theorize.
daymn,don,puff puff,pass,dude!
No No
Such a shame Colbert has turned in such a broken record... always turning everything into Trump. What a joke.

And no these conspiracy theories aren't wild or for loons, everyone with 2 brain cells can tell you something is off here.. but yeah, well done Colbert.
Shekels......………..Get your Shekels.
Asura Heterodyne
Honestly, if I was asked to meet with the Cheeto, I might just do it... I might actually get to cuss him out to his face.
T W Huning
The lady Colbert doth protest too much, methinks. Stephen, we all know about Willie's multiple flights to the island on the Lolita express.
Gillie S
You people need to get it straight. Was it Trump or was it the Clintons? What is the possible motive? I haven't heard a single coherent argument as to what the conspiracy consists of. Just that there is one.
G Sterling
Jeffrey Epstein was held in NYC , the cradle of liberal Democrat corruption. And if he had any dirt whatsoever that could’ve been used against President Trump, the Democrats would have placed 10 heavily armed guards, an EMT crew and 50 cameras trained on him 24/7, recording his every move…no doubt about it. But he had dirt on the Clintons, and now he’s no longer walking among the living.
kathryn edwards
Kay UK......Epsein was snuffed out....there is VERY good evidence I`m afraid....it WON`t get out.......
Sam Choy
oh it's okay go back to sleep Stephen Colbert said it's okay
Bill Tierney
For those of you who care to know, Terrence Williams is a comedian who pointed out the number of people who knew the Clintons who ended up dead. The list is long, you can look it up. His joke was "don't tell me anything about the Clintons, I don't want to know." This is the bit the President forwarded. In true deep state fashion, this has been morphed by Colbert and other into "The President is accusing the Clintons of killing Epstein." The effect of this gaslighting can be seen by the thousands who show up at Trump rallies compared to the hundreds who show up at Warren rallies (in her own back yard). Gaslighting ain't what it used to be.
Triggerhappy Ranch
Ritalin syndrome?
Maurice Michael
Ahhhh... still bitter
C'mon, it was clearly a suicide. I heard it on TV.
Pendragon Love
They’re all counting on it ALL dying over...no worries, they’ll move on to something else. 🤨
Roberto Del Conde
Melanias face in the video was clearly one of imbarasment
Maria Gil
Can the Clintons sue Trump for what he said?
Dr. Daniel Soderburg, Conspiracy Hunter MDMA BC
Damn I'm old enough to remember when Stephen Colbert was funny...*smh
Erick Parra
You should have Andrew Yang on the show or at least cover how automation is destroying American jobs.
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Raising the Kursk - SMIT Salvage Epstein Death Sets Off Wild 2 days ago   31:38

Between 18 May and 23 October 2001, SMIT Salvage carried out an extraordinary project; raising the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk. This submarine sank to a depth of 108 meters after an explosion in the bow section on 12 August 2000.

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