On the Frontlines of Ukraine's Proxy War Between The Donetsk People's Republic 5 months ago   23:58

The West has used everything from signals intelligence operations, espionage, fighter jet saber-rattling, and diplomatic standoffs to stem the rise of Russian influence around the world. These efforts are coming to a dangerous head in Ukraine — a classic Eastern Bloc proxy state — where the presence of NATO troops is driving tensions to Cold War-era levels.

As the armed conflict between the Ukrainian army and Russian-backed separatists enters its third year, VICE travels to the frontline to take a closer look at what international assistance really looks like for those caught in the line of fire.

Read "Russian fighter jet came within 10 feet of American plane over the Black Sea" - http://bit.ly/2dXYrlC

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Tim Edin
Ben Makuch - Kremlin asset
Ryan VanGelder
John 007
This got zero air play on our news stations zero but let some little Muslim girl say she had her hijab pulled off her head you get hours of Trudeau in her parents living room telling them how upset he is and how he's going to allow another million muslims into Canada yes she lied made it all up thanks to the lack of video footage and then on to the next TAQIYYAH news story on the front page of every newspaper
super super
its open to see that a small group of pro ultra nationalist bandit group of ukranian criminals,with the Support of Obama Administration are the agressors who made this unethical unmoral conflict
super super
the eastern pro russian language citizens ,dont wanted to be a part of ilegal criminal western bandits politics who provoced this conflict after they dont tollerate the eastern-ukraine donetzk republic
Patria Nostra
Slava Ukraini from Horvatia..Slava AZOV I HOS
It's funny when you see these helmets they don't cover ears growing up in a war zone if they put one behind your ear you going to be singing sad songs with Elvis
Luke Alley
Never heard of OSCE monitoring until this. I thought that was very interesting.
Yu Ryan
i'm a true Canadien!
Casey Lee
Much respect to the Ukrainian men and women defending their land. Don't let the seperatists have their way! Good luck to you all!
1. Love GOD
2. Love your Neighbour

Basically treat others as you would like to be treated.

And you thought humans were intelligent.
Daniel T
Fascist ucrania
Stig Henning Johansen
stfu, and go go home
shut yo mouth
i support ukraine, but remember NATO nor EU give a shit about Ukraine. They only want to benefit from it like always.
nata sha
thanks canada
Radix omnium malorum est cupiditas
U.S Senator John McCain colluded and met (12/2013) with known Extreme Far Right party, Svoboda, months before the illegal ousting of democratically elected President Yanukovych. Not one legal mechanism was used to remove him from power. The act of this *illegal removal* itself is against the Ukraine constitution.

*Ironically its something NATO and Ukraine want Russia and the rest of the world to accept, that equals total hypocrisy*

When people of Eastern Ukraine refused to accept the Coup and its "new" government they were set upon by the police at first, who quickly realized what was happening and defected to the "separatist" side, numbers as high as 15,000 . When the "pro-western" Kiev combatants realized what was happening the Special Forces and Far Right gangs of armed thugs were set loose killing civilians, Ukrainian's, Men, Women, and children . Yet the world press does not replay those most important moments. Respect to the those who died needlessly in Mariupol, Slaviansk, Odessa and Donetsk, they were Russian speaking soles who were in the end, fellow Ukrainians .

*The rest is just another case of U.S meddling in foreign states far far away* .!. .!.
Anas Baloch
Im Pakistani. I support Ukraine tho hate the west still cause of this video I love Ukraine now. Keep fighting bros dont quit
rusty nuts
Yes, Russia's proxy war between the West and them is a terrible injustice to the peace loving people of Ukraine and the world. Nobody wants Russia's slough of a country...but we may have to go there one day, as the Russia's keep causing war with everyone, trying to prove they're some kind of world power?
Insomniac Resurrected
Anglosaxons will fight Russia until the last Ukrainian.
Sentry service Service
This is just like Israel killing the Palestinians.Such bs I hate bully’s
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The Donetsk People's Republic On the Frontlines of Ukraine's Proxy War Between 5 months ago   34:14

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As an uneasy ceasefire continues to hold in Eastern Ukraine, VICE News returns to Donetsk with an exclusive film that follows some of the characters involved in setting up the self-proclaimed state of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR).

In early April 2014, pro-Russia rebels seized the regional administration building and other key institutions in Donetsk, expelling Ukrainian officials and raising their own flag. The rebellion here — and other incidents elsewhere — quickly escalated into a bloody civil war that has left over 2,000 people dead and displaced more than a million.

Filmed over six weeks, this documentary follows the chaotic birth of the DPR as it tries to forge a path to independence and closer ties to Russia.

Click to watch "Crimea: A Look Inside the New Russian Territory" - http://bit.ly/1sgw2qL

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