Street View: Behind the Scenes Take Your Child to Work 2 days ago   01:54

Google - A creative look behind the scenes with Street View to learn how we collect imagery and about the privacy safeguards such as license plate and face blurring.

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Jose Sergio
King 👀👌👍💻😉👴👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍♒♎🎧📻📺♒♎😉👍
Alex Grothe
For p uhh
Dragon Cactus
this is so cute!
Mylien Tran
That robot is the cutest robot i,seen in my life.
KingCam Productions
so google eart goes in a car and records every thing wow with a huge camera on top wow
Hanumant sakhare
Hanumant sakhare
Holly Lopez
nagendra lakki
C4 zZ4
Juanita Washington
Don’t get it
Hasina Akter
তুমি বর ভাগ্য বতি
Printed and manually scanned photos? How quaint. Doing it like that would make the job last oh, another 200 years or so.
Terri Bradley
Can I get a better subject to watch than " take your child to work week"? Please
Juan ramon Santana
muy bien
Jaana Laakkonen
I am y u
Rahul Kasdekar
Rahul ksadekar
Cristina Bujac
N bnlkkomnj
The first thing google has made that has worked
Deepakpuri Baikunthi
x x x cinema
Deepakpuri Baikunthi
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Take Your Child to Work Street View: Behind the Scenes 2 days ago   02:10

Ready to meet a connoisseur of bouncy houses, a future queen and a snack enthusiast? Join these Googlers-in-the-making and their parents for a Take Your Child To Work Day visit at our HQ.

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