Can a Junkyard LS Motor Save the Day? BLASPHEMI - The Inside Scoop on Finnegan’s 2 days ago   11:32

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Jon Chase might be having issues with his Tri-Five, but Finnegan is dealing with some headaches of his own - including having to tear down his entire Hemi engine, without being able to find what's wrong. Now there are TWO racecars on the struggle bus. Who will come out on top??

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David Bergemann
I see an Australian Holden Commodore ute in the background
I'd say Finnegan has a lot less to lose, he might need to shave his head to make up for it.
(not sayin he's gonna lose by the looks of that wheelie...but roadkill happens).
The Sentinel
" it's making a ticky ticky sound " ..." no oil " ..are your cam bearing oil holes lined up with the holes in the journals ? lol
Adam Fears
finnegan all day
Jerry Wyatt
Winner should call out ruby from mcfarland racing cletus mcfarland youtube channel
Jamie Brown
Send it!!!
J Bettis
What’s with everyone buying a “junkyard 5.3L”? You, Cleetus runs that in Ruby.....
Go watch Cleetus put an old junk yard motor in his vet and run 8's on his way to 7's. Till it blew up with no oil pressure. Same thing is available here with a turbo set up and holly dominator set up.
marinko kušenić
Just saying..In video they talk is 3 days till race.. And John show smart phone with 10 count down 😒
El Teddy
I see nothing on Dollar Shave Club I’m how to subscribe/get the shirt
Jeancharles Rabaux
500 dollars que blashemi gagne y love blashemi
talee gaming
what are those rims called on chases tri five
Shawn Rode
You have a better chance at beating the Rotsun....maybe.
Zack Mckenzie
Do you know what I call you out 454 LSX Camaro random goodies 800 wheel horsepower the rest is up for you to guess
Kevin Tucker
Did he really try to launch without even cleaning the stickers off the brand new slicks??!
Kevin Tucker
Drama? Nah...the race? I’ll be back to watch!
John Farr
Love it when the guys with perfect nails and spotless hands say "WE".
Nate SoFla
Love it
Jon looks like a stray cat now.
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BLASPHEMI - The Inside Scoop on Finnegan’s Can a Junkyard LS Motor Save the Day? 2 days ago   20:09

Finnegan & BLASPHEMI Survived Drag Week 2018! Completing Hot Rod’s “Drag Week” is not a task for the faint of heart, but fortunately many people know the RoadKill star Mike Finnegan & his 1955 Chevy Bel-Air (better known as BLASPHEMI) are at no shortage of heart! Following up a catastrophic failure from Drag Week 2017, Finnegan & BLASPHEMI are back with more determination than ever, and thankfully so as this year turned out to be one of the most challenging weeks ever. Starting at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce,GA, driving almost 1,000 miles through the Carolinas, up to Tennessee, and back to Atlanta was this years grueling test of street car capabilities through severe weather & mountain curves! Not only did Finnegan complete his first ever Drag Week, but he pulled off his FIRST 8 second pass, concluding one insane week into a crazy rewarding experience!

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