Who's going to pay for it?: 'Trump's Constitutional powers of the president | American 2 days ago   02:07

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The wall is actually cheap. Especially the steel barrier. El Chapo's drug profits are being used. The crisis is real, the MSM is bogus on this. The Wall will be built.
The people voted for a wall. Its not all about Trump, and if the wall is not built, then we could see the same problems Macron has in France, playing out in the US.

France is on the edge of a civil war, and unless Macron acts one way or the other there will be dire consequences for France, and the European Union. Austerity, tax rises on fuel, and a removal of workers rights is not going down well with the French, and it will certainly not go down well with many other EU member states if that is the EU's plan going forward.
Hi F24..you have really turned a corner, possibly on track to becoming my most trusted news provider. Appreciate your balanced reporting looking at both sides of a story and not leaning to either side. Refreshing to see a news media giving unbiased reports of the days events.
Ring Dave
Fund Wall with money from Fines against the US Catholics for Obstruction of Justice: RICO, and decades in Prison for every Bishop and Cardinals.
US Catholics paying to Prevent Uncontrolled Invasion by Spanish Catholics. mcg-truth blogspot
No jobs, no apartments, no food for Spanish Catholic Invaders. 15-20 Million Illegal Aliens in USA; LONG TIME CRISIS. Do nothing Congress betrays Legal Citizens.
Pasquino Marforio
No Crisis? From the Daily Beast leftist elitist living in a bubble. 23% of Federal prison inmates are illegal immigrants. Border arrests are up 240%. In the Great State of Texas, between 2011 & 2018, there were a total of 292,000 crimes by illegal aliens, 539 murders, 32,000 assaults, 3,426 sexual assaults and 3000 weapons charges.
Pasquino Marforio
Dangerous, how? There are currently 31 ongoing United States National Emergeincies. The fairest reading of the text of the National Emergency Act is simple.
The president has plenary authority to declare a national emergency under 50 USC § 1621. If Congress disagrees, it can pass a joint resolution terminating the emergency, as per 50 USC § 1622.
Hi5 Tilinko
Bloody hell, it would be so dangerous to stop massive illegal immigration with a wall. It might even become a prominent precedent!
Billy Doyle
Tired AF
6 trillion spent in middle east btw, more terror than ever before, but a wall has to be argued for years and years, amazing.
Sheeple are Lame
Trump could setup a go fund me campaign lol
Hush Cue Ball and let the lady have her word...
John Miranda
The Supreme Court would support him. A national emergency would eliminate both entitlements and Mueller and make him Puppet President for Life so he can emulate Xi, Putin, and Un, except they aren’t puppets

Say hello to Fascism American Style
John Miranda
He’s not a fighter. He’s a bully.
Edward Vaughn
WHY are people still arguing about this? JUST BUILD THE WALL!!!!! Argument over.
Candy Vanpelt
Here is a news flash, we are a republic a land of laws. Courts will up hold our constitution. Yes we love our courts he has put in place. You cannot fix your own country so at least get your fake news out of our faces.
Candy Vanpelt
The wall will be built, stupid, congress is the group that allowed the president to declare the national emergency and living in the boarder state you know what u are talking about. So take on your own problems and we will do the same.
Atlas Fell
America isn’t France. We don’t bow down and do nothing when we get invaded.
p m v
We have so much money the israelis get thirty six billion..whats the problem we just offset this foreign aid with american aid and were good..i cant understand why foreign leaders are dictating where american dollars go..these are foreign news actors telling americans whats what..are you listening?
Melvin Butters
Why do you hire an anti American perspective and employ the daily beast disinformationalist who no one in the us cares about. Get some real foreign policy experts versus your hard left daily beast trash opinions which are based on lies. Dickey is a blowhard parroting opinions that no American shares except elitist corporations who want more slave labor in the us to benefit. It's no wonder hes not on TV in America as he has to go to a network that hates America yet wouldn't exist without the us saving it in ww2. Why not talk about Macron and his 18 percent approval instead of hiring a propagandist to convince people that the enemies arent your president who sold out france to the eu and the people are suffering.
Ghastly Grinner
A state of emergency will be Declared to stop the Invasion democrats will cry Trump will have the Military build the Wall if the democrat scum try and stop it thing will most likely get bloody I will Proudly salute President Trump if called to defend my Nation from the leftist filth I will gladly do so
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Constitutional powers of the president | American Who's going to pay for it?: 'Trump's 2 days ago   14:09

Jeffrey Rosen, head of the National Constitution Center, gives an overview of Article II of the United States' Constitution (which covers the powers of the President). See more from the National Constitution Center's Interactive Constitution here: https://constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution.

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