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Beach nourishment is the latest chapter in a never-ending tale of erosion.

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About 80 to 90 percent of sandy beaches along America's coastlines are eroding. This is a problem because the developments humans build near them are static. So as beaches shrink, coastal hazards can threaten to damage or destroy homes and businesses while negatively impacting tourism that depends on the beach.

The most popular strategy to counter these risks is a process called beach nourishment. Coastal engineers will add new sand to an eroding beach in order to rebuild or expand the shoreline.
Watch the video above to learn more about how beach nourishments can help defend the coast but are problematic as a long-term solution.

For more, here are the links to our sources for this video:
Randall Parkinson on beach nourishment and climate change mitigation:
ProPublica reporting on the high costs related to preserving vulnerable beaches:

And for a closer look at the “feedback loop,” read a report on how researchers determined the link between nourishments and development along the coast: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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Beaches aren't the only area where economic disparities are hurting communities. Check out our video on how "levee wars" are making flooding worse:
Matt Weber
If it's so profitable, let the private sector nourish the beaches. Otherwise, let nature take it's course and people will adapt.
Conor MacDonnell
How about the destruction of entire ecosystems right off the coast? We've lost several reefs off of Florida, surprised this was not mentioned.
World Independent News
All that desert sand covers up fragile animal habitats all along the coast and puts reefs in palm beach county underneath tons of sand unnatural desert sand.... where did the reef go ????? oh yeah they rebuilt south beach...
Brandon Last name
Just build a rock wall to break up waves that’s what we do in ocean city
Nguyen Huy
so what do you suggest? stand by watching dem erosion happen while doing nothing?
This video is worthless. I learnt nothing. Maybe just that Americans are so stupid to allow building too close to beaches. But what's wrong with that if government is paying for you to sustain the beach... Unbelievable.
VHS Projekt BLUE
being a vox video where is the part where they accuse white men of causing beach erosion ?
chillness wahnsinn
Why not make a round beach so the waves go around in circles. Problem solved.
Kicking the can down the road like government debt.
Nadeem Mansouri
The biggest factor is because of sand pirates(yes a real thing) and the legal taking of sand from the bottom of the ocean. Sand goes into everything we make like concrete so with all these buildings and roads being built all over the world the earth cant make enough sand to keep up.
what about plant mangroves?
So So
Lit Miami
mored arev haritourian
Still didnt explain how this is a bad idea... All i got was "sooner or later" alex jones wouldve been more convincing 🤣🤣
Claire Dietrich
Where do the Great Lakes’ shorelines fall in terms of prioritization for nourishment and commercial value?
Thomas Lulu
2 house fall
Trent williams
Well we have lake beaches if shtf
Jaybriel Akoi
Don’t ever trust the Army Corp of engineers.
They should model what President Duterte did in Boracay Island in Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Wait so all our beaches will eventually turn into cliffs?
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Going green shouldn't be this The problems with rebuilding beaches 1 day ago   08:59

Going green does not need to be a sacrifice, either for us as individuals or for businesses, governments and the economy.

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