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Johny Smitsky
War Diary” project | Lugansk People's Republic, Donbass | November 23rd 2017
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Carter Krischke
I was never a soldier and by no means am I a tactician or whatever, I'm just interested in military and their operations so correct me if I'm wrong. It seems to me that their spacing is very bad they bunch up when stopped and walk vary close together. One mine or a string of mg fire would wipe them out. Wouldn't it?
Scott Hill
What a load of total Russian shit.
Igor Polonski
Operating with a tactical cat is my dream
12:50 pretty sure brother just lost a leg or both.. Lt. Dan status.
Tarik Bosnian
This reminds me of operation munja 93 in Bosnia only this sabotage operation was very succesful, it takes planning and determination.

As soon as the soldier says should I go left, you can immediately see they did not plan this well.
Oi Hoi
What I hate to see is soldiers fighting soldiers...
X Men
Жалко... Братья славяне друг друга убивают
Guy's , u don't know what really happening in this country,they are all lying. This war is real but not official. I am bad at english so I have russian comment. U can translate it if u want.Эта война отстой,в стране даже военного положения нет,а так же поддерживаются торговые связи со страной "агрессором". Помню историю,когда русский истребитель пролетел над украинским военным судном,а экипаж судна собирался подать в суд на "вражескую страну" за шок
Christiane Fuchs
La guerre est toujours cruelle.
Hornet Pilot
What exactly happened? All I hear is shooting, an explosion and being pulled. I saw no one being shot dead in the snow.
Donnie Nehls
Was the man they captured the only survivor?
12:30 mon wire is right there, but he's watching the hill and doesn't notice it.
James Patterson
If the Americans caught an enemy combatant alive, they would probably kick the shit out of him and probably send him to a torture centre and hang him from a metal hook.
I think they rushed B to fast
Mondo Gonzo
The Russians appear to be much more compassionate and Christian like than ukrainians, but it all might be for show.
Michael Rosado
Training versus trying.....Training won
Kortez Riko
“Even if he was your enemy, this man was a warrior”
Barnibus Snaples
The dude whose mom they called... anyone notice the background picture of the man holding a little girl on his phone? That’s enough depressing crap for the day I think
Dmitriy Miroshnik
Glory to Ukraine, death to terroRussia
Jared Scott
This was a very interesting yet sobering look at the grim reality of war...
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