These photos ended child China’s Vanishing Muslims: Undercover 2 days ago   06:36

Child labor was widely practiced until a photographer showed the public what it looked like.
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The 1900 US Federal Census revealed that 1.75 million children under the age of 16, more than one in five, were gainfully employed. They worked all over the country in cotton mills, glass blowing factories, sardine canneries, farms, and even coal mines. In an effort to expose this exploitation of children, the National Child Labor Committee hired a photographer to travel around the country and investigate and report on the labor conditions of children.

Lewis Wickes Hine photographed and interviewed kids, some as young as 4 years old, and published his findings in various Progressive magazines and newspapers. Once the public saw the plight of these children, state legislatures were pressured to pass bills regulating labor for workers under the age of 18, effectively bringing an end to child labor in the United States.

See the entire collection of Lewis Hine's photos for the National Child Labor Committee here:

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go get your blessings
Good ol AMERICA.....🙄
faustian man
Wow, so whites really did build this country.
JM Veda
i was abused to work and it was the 90 xD
I worked when I was a child, learned many skills and work ethics that new generations lack, now you have 30 year olds staying with mom and having meaningless jobs or no jobs...disgusting
Brittney Franco
Back when there were jobs...
Pablasoo Music
I am the one and only TK Kirkland
-TK Kirkland
Careful Driver
The editing in this video is amazing. Keep it up.
Robert Caraher
This is your corporations the way they wanted it the way they want it.
William Perkins
I keep hearing white people didn't build America. Seems that these photos tell the truth.
Corey Iles
These kids could of just left you know
The Other Side
*While you're celebrating this, the hidden truth is that America didn't stop child labour, they simply outsourced child labour.*
*This was abolished in America and companies then outsourced their businesses to Asian countries where child labour persisted.*

*In my own country, child labour is not illegal. So our streets are littered with kids doing all sort of work their little body can.*
real nigga hours
The first one reminds me of the book Lyddie
Cool asian Dude Gang Gang
Rather had child labor then our generation.
What started it?
According to the Left, these children were "privileged" .....
Mark Benson
The kids of today are spoiled brats and need to learn the value of work. College is so over rated.
254 Nj
US is not unique,as I continue learning human history. The more I admire US and perplexed as same time.
Mass Hysteria
We humans are wretched things.
Sean Kennedy
Back then, parents hated their children.  That's why they bore them, and sent them to work.
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China’s Vanishing Muslims: Undercover These photos ended child 2 days ago   31:48

China’s Uighur minority live a dystopian nightmare of constant surveillance and brutal policing. At least one million of them are believed to be living in what the U.N. described as a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy,” while many Uighur children are taken to state-run orphanages where they're indoctrinated into Chinese customs.

The Uighurs' plight has largely been kept hidden from the world, thanks to China’s aggressive attempts to suppress the story at all costs.

VICE News’ Isobel Yeung posed as a tourist to gain unprecedented access to China’s western Xinjiang region, which has been nearly unreachable by journalists.

She and our crew experienced China’s Orwellian surveillance and harassment first-hand during their time in Xinjiang, and captured chilling hidden-camera footage of eight Uighur men detained by police in the middle of the night. We spoke with members of the Uighur community about their experience in these camps, and about China’s attempts to silence their history and lifestyle under the cover of darkness.

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